Size of P10


I need to know the height of the P10 , just the case its self not including the feet this may be the only way I may be able to fit the new amp into my hifi table .

Thank you


The information is all mentioned on the product web page, specifically SPECS tab


The feet are about 1/2 to 3/4 inch high, or 1.3 cm to 1.9 cm. I can get you the exact number when I go home.



I believe 8.7 inches


I don’t think anybody here would advocate taking the feet off a P10 or putting it in a space outside that recommended in the owners manual (1/2 inch clearance above and below i.e. feet on, which are 1/2 inch high)


Agreed. You need air to be able to circulate all around, including top and bottom. How much depends on how heavy a load it will carry (and how hot it will get).


Remember, though, the bulk of the cooling happens along the side at the main heatsinks. The fins are oriented vertically which is ideal for natural convection to keep the hot air moving upwards. So I think the bulk of the cooling happens there. As long as you don’t interrupt that airflow, it should be OK as there are really no heat-generating elements mounted to the base.

I think.

Paul, didn’t Bob put the P10 into a heat cabinet to check how hot things got inside when the exterior temps were at their maximum? What was the maximum allowable external ambient temp?



It’s true there are no vents on top (that I’ve noticed) but heat sinks are not dissipating 100% of the heat and air needs to flow freely around and up through the heat sinks for them to be effective. Blocking the air flow at the top and the bottom isn’t going to help. It might be OK if the load is low enough. My P10 doesn’t get all that hot. It’s also a question of longevity. My Classic 250 has massive side heat sinks and the top cover is vented towards the front but one of the things Rick Cullen did when repairing the unit one time was to drill more holes in the top towards the back.


The hifi table I have is made by SGR it is totally open on all sides if I remove the shelf then I have a height of 225mm the brackets supporting the shelf goes corner to corner in a x shape in the middle where the supports meet is a 150mm round stainless steel isolation pad this is where the new amp would sit if the height is right, that’s why I need the height of the case only the feet would sit on the support straps and raise the height . The specs on the P10 I know but that’s from feet to top of the case , if only my camera was working I would add a picture and you would see there is no problem with airflow as its all open to free flowing of air on all sides .

shihan171 said ...that's why I need the height of the case only the feet would sit on the support straps and raise the height . The specs on the P10 I know but that's from feet to top of the case ..
the feet are 1/2 inch high. It says so in the owners manual.