Is a P10 big enough?

Hello fellow power hungry users,

I’m waiting for my two Karan KA S 400 stereo amps to get in, to replace my 4 Emotiva monoblocs.

They are dual mono and have two power inputs each, so I need 4 high power outlets.

As I receive them I’d like to install a P10 in the rack.

In terms of power can one P10 handle them? That would be 4 channels at 660W into 4 Ohms (the load being Maggies 3.6)

I can make two 1x2 power cables to feed them from the 2 high power outputs of the P10…

In case I really need two P10s… can they be stacked? I don’t have any more room in my rack!

Can the P10 be modified to have 4 high power outlets?

I dream about a P20… is there anything like it in the works?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

P10s can be stacked, yes. They rarely get hot enough not to.

A P20 is something I’ve often dreamt of - but there’s just no room in the chassis and it would have to get enormous. Maybe that’s not bad?

The other problem with a P20 is where do you get the extra juice? Right now the P10 will give you everything the wall has to offer, less about 15% to run it.

I understand the chassis would need to be bigger, would 19"x 5 RU be enough? A lot of devices are that size already, but it breaks the Ps Audio standard ;o)

Or what about dropping the low power section altoguether, or having less outlets in that section?

I am in Europe and we can have 16A outlets on 2,5mm2 wire (close to 13 AWG), for the 22V network. That allows 3520VA to be drawn.

The specs of the P10 say 1500 VA, is that by high power outlet or for the 2 outlets combined?

Thanks for answering about the stackability of the P10, something I will look at. A pity to have 20 outlets when I only need 4 though!

I believe the only difference between the high current and other outlets on the P10 is that the former have inrush limiters for when you first turn the amp on. After that all the outlets have the same output capacity. (Hopefully someone can confirm that.) The other option would be a good quality power strip (not my first choice).