How much "breathing room" does a P10 need?

Hey folks,

I am thinking of upgrading from my PPP to a P10 but have a question. I have an “open” rack that gives plenty of air circulation on all sides for the equipment. Due to the height of the P10 (8.5") i would have only about a half inch of clearance over the top if I put it on the shelf where the PPP is currently residing. I DO have a lower shelf that is being used by the wife for our network printer. This shelf would give me 2.5" clearance. Since the P10 is passively cooled I think I should be okay on either shelf. It looks as though most of the heatsinks are located on the sides and not much on the top although i see some venting on the top near the sides. What sayest thou audio brethren? I hope I don’t have to utilize the printer’s shelf as WAF could come into play. She is not an audiophile and therefore does not understand most of the purchases I make let alone how they look in our home sorry_gif

My two cents is that you’ll be fine with the smaller amount of clearance. That’s how I have had mine situated for months. As long as you have space on the sides you’ll find it vents well. (That said, I don’t use more than 45% of the load capacity with everything connected turned on, but I think it would still be fine if higher usage were in play).

Thanks lonson,

In re to total load I think i should be safe as the main current draws would be my two amps which are both class d. Would i be correct in assuming that class d amps draw less current than class A of the same wattage? Anyway I would have two class d amps, an LCD HDTV, my DS snr and my computer. One of the reasons I am leaning toward the P10 vs a P5 is future proofing. Another is SQ. The P10 will be on a dedicated 20amp line with 10AWG wire to a PS Audio soloist. I am pretty happy with the sound right now with my PPP cant imagine how much better it can get with the P10

A LOT better.devil_gif

Hey Brent,

I have my P10 “racked” and have the same space over the top as you.

With all my front end plugged in (less than 100 watts) the load in the front screen shows 6% or 7% maximum.

The P10 runs cold so don’t worry friend, upgrade to a P10 and enjoy it without worries.When i turn off the air conditioner the temperature ups a little but is absolutely insignificant, the PS Audio guys do a very good job with this monster.

Hope this helps