SLP-05 Upgrade

I’ve owned a Cary SLP-05 for some time now. It really is one of those special pieces of gear: looks and sound.

My system is going through big changes (I know, I’ve posted it all over). I’m also going to upgrade the SLP-05. Cary has a $1.6K upgrade called the ultimate. With so many changes to my system, I’ll never know if it did anything. Gonna do it anyway while the rest of the system is down. Love this hobby! I’m certain the end result of everything will kick ass…and if it doesn’t…I’ll say it did anyway!

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When I upgraded my SLP98 to what they called F1, different caps,etc, it made a very nice, noticeable difference.

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Thanks! I had an SLP98 F1 in bright red a while ago. Really nice preamp! Great looking machine too! Classic!