Small DLNA bedroom speaker that can play DSD? Transcode In Jriver?

I’m looking for a small wifi DLNA speaker for a bedroom I can stream to via jriver over wifi.

Since I have a lot of Sacd ISO I’m wondering if any of these speakers can play the format? I suspect I can get Jriver to transcode on the fly but then I might have to turn off transcode when I want to chose the DS as a zone, which I don’t want to have to reconfigure each time.

Any thoughts? This is For a very small room with no space for a full second audio system.

If I read the latest email from JRiver correctly they now support separate DSP configurations for differing DLNA outputs, perhaps this means that means that you can have the transcoding be different with different DLNA outputs too? Anyway you might check their support about the new release(s). My system isn’t in a state for me to test that right now.

Thanks Ted. This is exactly the kind of feature I was hoping for but didn’t think was supported.

You might want to look at the new oppo sonica but not sure about the SACD ISO side of things.

I just wanted to post back my findings in case anyone else is interested.

I Just upgraded to Jriver MC 22 for Mac (not sure if this was in previous versions) and indeed one can add additional DLNA zones (I have a new Sony TV and old WDTV live box) and I activated DSP studio and set convert streaming to 16 bit no header (MP3 also worked) and told each sample rate 48k and above to sample to 48k (44.1 no change). I enabled the new sample rate converter .

i can now play my entire collection of high res and SACD files on the TV and WDTV box. There is some delay on sacd before each track begins, but I can probably set buffer to 2 seconds to help this.

My my goal was to try and get this working so I can buy some small but high quality speakers for other rooms .

I don’t know of other server software like Roon can do this but jriver now feels like a complete system that plays on everything from the DS/bridge2 to basic systems for background music .

Now I’m off to find a single wireless speaker that sounds good.