The DS with JRMC 22

I just went from 21 to 22 and I found the SQ of 22 to be excellent. This may be some sort of “placebo effect” but it sounds very good to my tin ears!

Any comments would be welcome.

Thanks for posting. Interesting. The JRiver folks would argue placebo.

Are you using the Bridge II? Someone on the JRiver site posted about problems with MC22 and Bridge II. Not in the mood to mess around trouble shooting network/software right now so I’ve hesitated even though I bought the license. I haven’t updated the Bridge II software for the same reason.

Yes I use Bridge II but I run JR through its Media Network not direct. BII loaded with Torreys (final).

Your post motivated me to load MC 22.0.12 today. Install went perfect and everything works exactly as expected. I’ll keep MC 21 around for a while to be safe. As far as sounding better…don’t know. Sounds the same to me: still great. I really like this program a lot. Been using MC since version 19. I did select the new load files from memory option. Again, it sounds the same as MC 21. Not even sure if this option matters with DLNA play.

Please note I have not updated the Bridge II software to the Roon compatible version. I’m waiting for that situation to settle. I also haven’t updated to Torreys final, final either (don’t use USB so I don’t see the need).


Turns out, as I suspected, the new load files from memory feature has no impact on DLNA play. I verified this on the JRiver board.