Jriver 27 e Bridge II

Goodmorning everyone,
I am using the latest version of Jriver 27 for windows 10, with DS senior and Bridge II. 16-bit files sound perfect. The 24-bit files sound with scretch-like background noises. In the configuration of the media network I checked “Bitstream DSD”. Has anyone had this problem and can you suggest me the solution? Could it be a network problem?

Bitstream DSD should be checked in Advanced DLNA Server options so that is fine.

It is a known issue for there to be a noise or tick at beginning of DSD files sometimes.
Try these settings on your DLNA Controller Options config that you have running.

Thanks Lkdog,
I’ll try right away
thanks a lot.

Hello everyone and happy new year.
Unfortunately I must say that I continue to have problems with JRiver and the Bridge II. the ISO SACD files and the 24 bit files, when they start they croak like frogs for about 10 seconds. Sometimes they recover, others stop everything. Seems like a clock problem. I have followed and tried all imaginable configurations. Nothing.
With Mconnect, 24-bit files play smoothly. While the DSD files Mconnect does not read them. Do you have any advice for me?

I have a different setup than you, but I also encountered problems with MC27. I uninstalled it and went back to MC26 and no problems. I use MC to resample to 2X DSD ahead of my NuWave DSD. There was an update around mid December. After the automatic update music either wouldn’t play or it would play strange noises. I posted the problem in JRivers Interact MC27 page and was told to post it elsewhere, on top of sending me to links to change settings in Windows Security and other links to problems with other hardware / software. None of these helped. I might try reinstalling and trying MC27 later. I’ve noticed other updates since then. But for now MC26 plays well and reliably.

I just installed MC27 today. I have had no problems with playback, but I had to fool around with settings for about two hours. I had the DAC turned on, but not the preamp for testing and viewed the sampling rate on the display (I have the Junior) playing various files (DSD, MQA, and PCM including 24 bit).

I had to refer to the How to set-up J. River instructions. You can find this in the Resources menu and then in the How to section. Follow these and it will probably fix the issue. Also, there is a 192/24 bit test that you can find in the downloads in the right most tab once you are in the downloads menu. Download this and play it in J. River just like you would an album. If it is bit perfect, a B will be displayed in the display in the Junior (not sure about the Senior, but I think it has a bit perfect test too).

And MC27 seems to sound better than my previous version (MC20).

Good Luck!

Also, try to power down the DAC via the power switch on the REAR panel. Wait 30 seconds, then power it back up.

Thanks everyone for the advice. I have tried all the configurations, but the dsd 64 files still have holes while playing. The DSD 128 does not sound at all with the DS senior and the Bridge. I will try to download Jr 26.
Thank you, have a nice sunday

I wish you luck Francesco.

JRiver has made a lot of fixes to MC27 with and lots of updates since I reverted back to MC26. The one I found interesting was on the 1/4/21 release, fixed: Playback on DoP was not working properly. I downloaded and reinstalled today and it appears working fine. It looks like you have other issues than this.

I hope MC26 will work in the interim for you. Similar to deanhorn MC27 I found sounds better than the version I upgraded from, MC21. I did some research and learned JRiver had the later versions available on the 64 bit platform. MC21 was on the 32 bit platform. Plus the later versions use a different, better resampler. I read other JRiver users who noticed a difference in sound quality when they made these types of changes. I decided to go try the latest version. I had to install MC26 to get ready for MC27 as it wasn’t quite released yet.

If MC26 works for you, you might check back on MC27 upload notes to see if they describe fixes that might resolve the issues you currently are experiencing.

Hi everyone
after several attempts, the JR 27 is performing well with Bridge 2. I don’t know why, but the sound is better than the 26. I can play DSD 64, but not 128. I hope that the next Bridge 2 update also includes DSD 128 The DS Senior can play up to DSD 128.
In any case, at these levels, the sound is superlative.
Good day.

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