Jriver 27 e Bridge II

Goodmorning everyone,
I am using the latest version of Jriver 27 for windows 10, with DS senior and Bridge II. 16-bit files sound perfect. The 24-bit files sound with scretch-like background noises. In the configuration of the media network I checked “Bitstream DSD”. Has anyone had this problem and can you suggest me the solution? Could it be a network problem?

Bitstream DSD should be checked in Advanced DLNA Server options so that is fine.

It is a known issue for there to be a noise or tick at beginning of DSD files sometimes.
Try these settings on your DLNA Controller Options config that you have running.

Thanks Lkdog,
I’ll try right away
thanks a lot.

Hello everyone and happy new year.
Unfortunately I must say that I continue to have problems with JRiver and the Bridge II. the ISO SACD files and the 24 bit files, when they start they croak like frogs for about 10 seconds. Sometimes they recover, others stop everything. Seems like a clock problem. I have followed and tried all imaginable configurations. Nothing.
With Mconnect, 24-bit files play smoothly. While the DSD files Mconnect does not read them. Do you have any advice for me?