Small LPS, 19.5VDC output@6.2A?

I only know of one and it is huge. High end NUC. USB is isolated,filtered and reclocked. Should it make much of a difference anyways? I had the SOTM SPS-500 SMPS but preferred the sound of the TOTL Targus which can be had for $55. It is the same thing pretty much.

Even if I am willing to accept the huge unit, I am wondering if it will make much of a difference with the USB so well guarded? I do not wish to use a Matrix or anything of the such.

Please do not come here just to bash me from other thread. this is a serious question. thank you

I have an HDPlex 200W that’s manageable size wise. The problem is availability. HDPlex has had supply issues for a year.

Yes, that is the one I was thinking of! It looks huge to me. Like a Krell power amp?
Plus do you think it will make a lot of difference in my scenario? I already have a good SMPS on my NUC and the USB is completely detached from the PC. If that can be possible.

This NUC had to take 19.5 because I am running a Xeon mobile and Quadro Mobile. I am pretty happy with it. I can hear my music! Plus it can do other stuff I need to. I am tired of tower computers.

Thank you for responding. You were thinking the exact thing.


I bought two 12V versions a toroidal and R Core. They drive an i5 and modem router Great sound blossomed further after burn in and cord changes.

There are multiple versions of the HDPlex devices. The 200W is the smallest and the 400W is next up. It’s quite large. The 200W is under the Utopia Headphones with Matrix beside it. So not that large by comparison.


I am looking for like a 6" square box. Can check Ebay but I am very weary of that Chinese stuff. The good SMPS is not bad but might be my USB setup. It is a good system though so overall I cannot complain. I wish I had an LPS on the NUC but do not have room for that. You call that small LOL? BTW, I love the Utopia’s but usually grab the Z1R’s with the Silver cable these day’s. You think you have enough subwoofer? HAHA.

Oh, wait. I thought the Matrix was the same box duh. Okay, now where to get one?

Very nice setup!

Great looking setup! Love the PSA gear in silver!

that is indeed very nice. some people would be surprised how much money that is right there!

What speakers are those? I can’t quite make them out. I was thinking 805 but then can’t be…

Really nice though. Yes, my other gear is black but PSA in silver all the way. I am not afraid to mix it up a bit.

I wish I could get that LPS but out of stock everywhere. Maybe after all I want the Matrix too boot. Although I have a great USB setup. I wonder how much better the Matrix might sound. Please no fight though.

That would be to much bass for me but hey it is yours!

I wonder if the .5V on the LPS will cause my NUC to crash. I gather it is 19 not 19.5. Who knows. Can’t even get one for starters. This SMPS is not too shabby though. I like it better than $500 one. The other is a bit bright to me. This thing is drawing 12 watts under low load! Where is your NUC or device powered by the LPS? The Matrix?

I got one! First I had to make a output harness as it did not include the right size 2.5mm. As I feared it caused the machine to crash. When it did run for a while I discerned little to no difference in SQ. Most likely due to my robust USB implementation. Not sure. It is a very well thought out non-noisy computer to begin with. It is a class 1 medical device to be used in hospitals. Hence the cost.