Snake Oil Denier to Converted... for Fifty Bucks cdn

I scored some Xstream Statements for $50.
I am gob-smacked by how Everything Is More.
Highs,mids, bass, imaging etc etc. I sent Paul a system pic about a year ago “Here ya’ go: Mac Mini, Tidal, Audio Engine D1, Yaquin VK2100 ( Toobular Pre-section… but so what. ) And STAX L300 headphones…
Celestion 5000 speakers ( better than the 3000 because they are walnut… veneer ). Which gets me to the real sound review. I live in an apartment ( this is a 5 minute walk from Creekside Gondi. Winter is coming…But I Digress). I have neighbours and don’t want to get evicted so my listening level is that of perhaps an energetic conversation:
These speakers are really decent ‘semi-near field’. That is a two foot ribbon and an 8” woof in the two cubic foot box… a’ la BBC.
How do I know for a fact that these are decent speakers ? Because when I plug in the STAX and level the speaker volumes and take 'em off and put 'em on without switching anything…They sound very similar or at least equivalent.
Obviously this is not a note-worthy system… But now it is much improved. The difference is greater than I could have believed and was obvious from the plug-in. But these things are absolute pythons to wrastle into position.


Welcome, and it’s a noteworthy system if you’re enjoying it. Cheers and good listening! Jim

Good system and I mean it. Congrats on the cable. From memory it used to sell for just under $800.
Happy listening

WTF. I get to listen to everything alll over again… I am still smacked by the difference these cables made. Currently Tidalling John Fahey’s version of Summertime from Red Cross. He has turned up the reverb to prodigious levels: did Dick Dale ever play summertime…? Anyways the shimmering shards of reverbs are hangin in the airy airs… What kind of voodoo is inside these cables ? i was using mah old Straightwire Rhythm cables and had, for two decades; thought the myths were hype…