Snowmass DirectStream Junior is now live

OK, guys, here you go.

Sorry for the long wait and thank you for your patience.

Let us know what you think.


Already downloaded. :slight_smile:

Many thanks @Paul and PS Audio team for all your effort.

Looking forward to test it.

Snowmass is out :slight_smile: Seems like 2 others made the download before me :slight_smile:

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#4 here. :slight_smile:

@Paul we are good to go? It’s final?


The first 2 downloads were internal :wink:


Yup folks Its OUT! #5 was the winner!


Burning Snowmass DSJ for a friend. Am I correct that the USB drive should be FAT32 and that the four files go in the root directory (i.e., no folder on the USB drive), like so?:




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Listening impressions? I’m unable to update today but I’ll be interested to get your thoughts on the new release.

And please… no posts about how long it takes to load. Thanks.


Yes, that’s correct.

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Also, once it loads, be sure to tweak the DSJ volume control to be sure it is not muted, reset anything you may be feeding it with, streaming-wise, etc. It was off and disconnected in between.

I had problems loading Snowmass (no surprise there). So, I loaded Yale and then I was able to load Snowmass. Just a tip if you have problems loading Snowmass.

Now, on to listening!!!

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Yes - always a good tip for those with load issues.

Along with turning your amp and preamp off while updating, and start listening with the volume low.

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Looks like the update worked fine. But, I did the long press to update the bridge and it’s been sitting at 0 percent downloaded for a few minutes. It does say “Bridge Updating …”
Is everything probably ok? Should I power down & back on to get out of this? thanks

Nevermind. Fixed it with the universal software fix of rebooting.

Update of DSJr from Redcloud to Snowmass worked perfectly/exactly as instructions indicate. Restarted once after update “for luck” (or to avoid any of the gremlins that have been mentioned numerous times). After reading the accolades for weeks, I was in a “convince me” mode when I started playing. That took about 10 seconds (this is not hyperbole). I have a few tunes that I have used for years when checking out something new. Rickie Lee Jones’ “Easy Money”, Phoebe Snow’s “Poetry Man”, Joni Mitchell’s “Court and Spark”, and The Carpenters’ “Close to You” (now in handy MQA size!). Each struck me as substantially clearer, more punchy in the bass and drums, and much more revealing. Poetry Man in particular has a lot going on, the release/album version far busier than the demo version on the special edition CD I have. Now I am hearing way more little hand percussion sounds and subtle licks. I couldn’t be happier, and I’m about 30 minutes in. :slight_smile:


Thank’s for tip with Yale. Make it work.


No luck here. :frowning:
Four different USB Sticks (2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, 4Gb) all formatted with FAT32.
Power switch off, USB in, Power switch on… nothing happens. DSj normally boots.

If I recall, when tried to reload Redcloud once, I had similar issues, but eventually it loaded.
Do you thing I should try to reload a previous versions first? Any tips?