Snowmass 3.06 Now Live

Howdy folks,

Snowmass 3.06 is now live. You can find it here under the Downloads tab.

This version fixes issues some folks encountered when playing files from Linux based servers over USB.

Happy listening!


Thanks, Schroedster!

And a new version of Snowmass for the DSJ too?

Has anyone reported any issues with a straight upgrade? I’m wondering if it’s likely that a lot of us will have to do the downgrade / upgrade again as we did with the original Snowmass upgrade.

One or two folks mentioned in the other thread that they had to downgrade and then upgrade, though generally the transition is pretty smooth.

As for the new version for the DSJ, that is live as well now. You can find it in the same place on the Downloads page.

Oh goodie - now we can start the threads about how it doesn’t sound as good as version x.xx…

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So far the feedback is that 3.0.6 sounds better than 3.0.5 and in some cases better or about the same as 3.0.0.

As always, the DS Sr. and Jr. are quite flexible, so feel free to run the firmware you prefer :grin:

Sounds better in my system. The high frequency’s are more defined than 3.0.0. I like it.


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Had to do the downgrade, upgrade dance on the DSJ but no issues otherwise and I’m liking what I’m hearing.

Hi, can you please confirm the SD card format. I tried with FAT32 and didn’t work. Thanks in advance.

I think FAT16 is correct. But did you use a small (2GB) card? I keep quite a few around with various releases that I install when the mood strikes.

FAT32 is correct, though you’ll want to use a card that is 32GB or less. If you can’t find the correct size SD card, give us a ring at 1-800-PSAUDIO and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

I’ve seen Ted say that FAT16 is the appropriate format to use. FAT32 can work, but Ted has said many times on these forums that there is a chance FAT32 won’t work which is why he advises FAT16 to be used.

That’s a fair point FAT16 is the best option for the DS Sr, but it only works with 2GB cards (though it can theoretically work with 4GB cards). Either option is difficult to find nowadays.

So if you have a compatible 2GB or 4GB, then absolutely use FAT16.

Or exFAT which I think is the newer replacement for them both (on Macs at least). Works fine on all my items.

My DSJ wont update. It refuses even to downgrade. Stuck in Snowmass 2.01. I am using the same usb drive I have always used to update (Sony 4GB, fat16). Never had any problems. Does anyone have a clue?

If you haven’t tried this method - turn the power switch off, unplug from the wall, disconnect the bridge RJ45, wait a minute or so for all the various caps to discharge, plug in the USB drive, plug back into the wall, power switch back on.

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Thanks for your kind response. To update, I disconnect the power turning off the zone at my P10. I think it is the same as unplugging the power cable. I normally wait 5 min before turning in again Already tried with lan cable disconnected. All to no avail. And this the first time I face trouble after several updates.

Those things can sometimes be a lot harder to get to update than they should be. If you are in the USA you should be able to get a memory stick directly from PSA that will certainly work.
You might try doing a full (not quick) format to the memory stick and copy the files to it again. I know this can be an aggravating process if it doesn’t go right the first time. On my Jr I had to load an earlier software - forgot which one - and then the first Snowmass update took without a hitch. I haven’t tried the latest version yet.

So that I am caught up to speed, version 3.06 fixes some issues with Linux but also included some changes that might sound different? How did 3.04 and 3.05 compare? I just checked my DAC and I have been on 3.04, which was the first Snowmass I downloaded and totally forgot about.