Snowmass DirectStream Sr. upgrade - Available in the Downloads Section

Alright, we’ve gotten the bugs worked out of the PIC, FPGA 19 version of Snowmass is wooing us with its sweetness and openness and, well, I won’t wax too much here. Suffice it to say this is the single biggest upgrade to DirectStream in the 5 year history of the product. DSJ upgrade for Snowmass will follow shortly after we confirm everything’s good here.

I will forward the code to as many of the beta testers as possible before I have to scoot this evening.

Please post your impressions here.


Thanks, Paul!

Eagerly waiting for Beta reports.

I wait with bated breath for my copy. Thank you Ted, Paul and the PS Audio team.

Installed and playing…impressions to follow.

Downloaded and playing already. Will update

Easy install and playing.

It works! :slight_smile:

Here it is!

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@paul - successful load… testing commencing…and the artwork is showing to start and more detail… thanks for sharing…

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Easy Installation . My Impressions later.
Thank You!

Loaded effortlessly. Will report later.

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Loaded fine, sounds great but impressions later

Elegant and intimate sound. Subtle. I am very pleased.


Hi guys. I got my link to the firmware from paul. Much thanks. I am not able to get to my system at the moment to test it but in the meantime I have to ask, i have a dsj so is this firmware applicable to both the dsj and the ds? I would email Paul directly but I imagine he’s suffering an avalanche of emails atm!

That’s exactly what it is. It’s like RedCloud on steroids.



And not to say there is not energy, there is. But instead of hitting you on the head it glows from within.

I am listening to a massive Bach cantata. The music unrolls and presents itself. The depth is incredible.


This is for DS Snr only. Juinor version will follow later.

Yes! The detail is quite a bit more pronounced all while being elegant. It’s one of the things that makes the DS so special. 3d is spooky!

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I had a little trouble with the SD card not working.
Then I reloaded Torry. And then reinserted Snowmass and it now works fine.
First impression, much wider soundstage.


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Agreed, wider - and for me even more exciting, deeper.


I hear wider and deeper, especially deeper. I agree with elegant and intimate descriptors.

I think it bests my favorite HPQe filter. Awesome Ted!