Snowmass DirectStream Junior is now live


I wonder if there is something in the USB2 versus USB3 thing? Interesting line of investigation.


I know that the problem happens with USB 2 sticks: USB 3 sticks didn’t used to be very available and the problem has always been in the Jr update process - it could be the case that USB 3 sticks cause an additional problem, but USB 3 hardware is USB 2 compatible so USB 3 vs USB 2 probably isn’t related to the software update problem in the Jr.


Well there is a comment a little bit above about the speed at which the USB stick is getting read which could be a clue as to why the USB sticks are not being recognised in the Redcloud to SNowmass upgrade but the same stick gets recognised in a Yale to Snowmass upgrade (as happened to me and it seems many others).


I seem to have successfully loaded Snowmass but I can’t verify which version is actually running. When I follow the Manual instructions and press the selector button I am taken to the balance setting screen but not to the top level setup screen. Is this a Snowmass bug or has the process for checking the version changed from my manual? I’ve repowered the DSJ with no better results.


Even if you keep mashing the button?? It should cycle through all the options including the bridge update.


It does not - just stays on the Balance setting


@tedsmith, thanks very much for sharing your continuing cutting-edge work and your detailed thoughts on your work with PS Audio’s customers. I hope you are able to ignore the crass public speculation regarding your compensation . . . the overwhelming majority of DS Jr. and DS Sr. owners are grateful for your ongoing efforts. Personally, I have installed every DS Sr. OS update since v1.21, which was pre-loaded on the Sr. I purchased in November 2014. Each update has been an improvement over the one that preceded it. And to my amazement, the most recent update from the excellent-sounding Redcloud to Snowmass turns out to be the biggest sonic jump to date. By the way, it did not occur to me in November 2014 when I bought my Sr. that four years later I would receive the sonic equivalent of a new and more expensive DAC for free.



I don’t have my Jr in my system at the moment, but you need to press and hold the button until the screen changes and then repeatedly press the button to walk thru the various setup screens. AFAIK that hasn’t changed for Snowmass, tho I’ve not explicitly checked it. Sorry if that’s exactly what you are doing. If so call PS Audio support.


Thank you. I did another reboot and I am able to verify that Snowmass has been installed. Probably operator error of some sort.


I wanted PS Audio and myself to have the same financial stake in the DS selling. If we each do what we can to sell more units then we both do better. It’s also been a goal to have better sound with each release to pull most people forward to newer releases to lessen service calls about older releases. I 've always wanted to make things sound better. That’s fun. I’ve been a little surprised that we can still find significant improvements.


It takes a bit of practice to decide what is a “slow press” and a "not slow " press. Slow press (press and hold ~2 seconds or so) at the default screen. The balance screen will show up. Then momentary press to cycle thru the various option screens. You should make it all the way through to the beginning screen again by momentary pressing the button… When you want to change an option use the volume control when on that screen. The manual has a fair description and I think Paul has a YouTube video showing how it works.
If you fast press at the first screen you will cycle thru the inputs.


Downgraded to Yale right away and Snowmass loaded no problem right after. Looks like it’s 02.00 version?

All I gotta say is that I prefer this version to anything I have heard on DSJr before. To be honest, I wasn’t that thrilled with my system and this firmware upgraded gave it a boost in microdetail and plankton, and that touch of forwardness that I wanted. The bass seems less quantity but is tighter and rumbles just fine.

All in all, Ted, thank you for pushing this thing as far as this. I owe you a Scotch (or eight) for all your talents and efforts here. This firmware system has made me love my system.


TED in 2020!


Well it was streaming…

Figured it was because I didn’t also update Bridge…can’t seem to update it, stuck at 0%…

Hard reboot fixes it but didn’t update the Bridge. Streaming again at least.


Snowmass loaded first time (from Huron). I had previously installed Redcloud but, whilst initially impressed, found despite many tries that I had no desire to play a second CD after the first, so I went back to Huron, and could again listen for hours.

Initial impression of Snowmass was of an exact placement of instruments within the soundstage, which was obvious within the first few seconds. Now, after four hours of music the dynamic range is greater than before and the clarity is superb. Definitely a keeper!

Also, I have just been informed, by my dealer ringing me during my listening session that my new Directstream player, a replacement for the Memory Player, has now landed in Australia and will be with me shortly – that’s my Christmas sorted.


Just like olden times

I didn’t even know about this new player. What rock have I been living under? Might be time for me to grab a used Memory Player then :wink:


5th thumb drive and still not joy. I have carefully followed the instructions as well as each and every tip graciously provided by our forum members here, to no avail.

Really frustrating this time around -I ever quite had any major issues getting things to load but for this one it hasn’t even reversed to Yale, nor Huron. Stays on Redcloud, under it you briefly get 0.0.0 which then changes to 3.6.17 (Bridge II update had gone through trouble free) but the OS is still Redcloud.

Before I lose my mind or throw the unit out the window (I am of Italian descent, all drama sorry about that!) and order a Chord I’ll just leave it be. Let it rest all cables disconnected and try again tomorrow.


Quick follow up. Immediately successful Snowmass update for this DSJr. Nothing but accolades for Ted and PS Audio. I’m sorry for anyone suffering upgrade blues. Much good advice for those afflicted, so I hope you will all be singing the Snowmass praises soon.


Trouble-free update here as well. I had trouble when my DSJ was new updating to Torreys. Just wouldn’t do it. PS Audio sent me a usb stick with the update and it did the trick.

I’ve become a bit religious about this stick…Using it only for DSJ updates. I’ve never reformatted, simply trash the last files and put new firmware on. Power down, slip in the usb stick, power on, and update with no problem. Went from Torreys to Huron and Huron to Redcloud that way, and now from Redcloud to Snowmass (no back track to Yale). Took about 5 minutes.

As for Snowmass…VERY NICE. Great work!


hi ;
i too am un able to update DSj to snowmass , just acts like there is no usb stick.
had a lot of trouble updating to redcloud , had to get psaudio aust to send a usb stick, using same stick no go.
love ps audio but updates which are great , but just so much trouble to do.
any help please , or am i stuck on redcloud.