Snowmass DirectStream Junior


Paul, really fun video of the room 1 to room 2 move… Thanks for sharing…


Elk makes a valid point. The issues DS Jr owners have had to consider however, involve priority and promises. The promised land of Snowmass has been foretold to be only a very short reach away ever since the DS Sr release took place. The magnitude of improvement provided , supported by hundreds of rave reviews by Sr owners drove our counting off the days till we too could enjoy this. I truly do appreciate what Paul and Ted do for us on an ongoing basis. I also have to say that in all of Audio there is no other company that can hold a candle to PS Audio. This is Camelot. I guess I’ve been a tad carried away by the anticipation. Although it’s only been a month, it feels like a long time, but then as they say “Good things come to those who wait!”


The disappointment caused by the wait is understandable.


Having lots of fun reading all the posts… Selfishly speaking, I 'M out of town this weekend so just enjoying the banter… :laughing:


Thanks for watching!


To do all the things necessary to release a new FW is a task that takes resources which I believe are not endless at PS Audio. In other words, they can´t do all the tasks at the same time. So for me it is absolutely fine that PS Audio first works on Sr and then Jr etc. It is not just OK, I don´t even think I can “demand” better service and devotion than what we get. When I bought Jr I didn´t expect to get a new improved DAC every half year or so. It makes the buy a long term investment which I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend to others.
So just take the time necessary with the FW etc. I rather get a good product you are satisfied with than get bugfixes every now and then. I think I am aware of the importance of testing products, after having worked as an IT project leader for some years. Thanks for all your work, I feel spoiled.


Prediction: Snowmass for the Jr will sound better than Redcloud sounds on the Sr. Any thoughts? (And lets face it, only a month ago the Sr (with Redcloud) was the best reviewed DAC ever). Not to put the cart before the horse but this is PS Audio, and they deliver the goods (even if it means waiting a few more days). Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!


Don’t think so but I’m sure it will be good.


The firmware upgrade will happen…In the meantime enjoy the music…I don’t believe that the DS Jr. would suddenly sound bad with the current firmware.


I didn’t in any way want to imply some sense of entitlement from my previous post. I think it’s amazing that we are getting a free firmware upgrade. I was happily listening away with Redcloud and probably wouldn’t have even thought about an upgrade if I hadn’t been a member on this forum.
I appreciate the time and effort involved in getting the directstream code, then the PIC code going and then repeating this process with the DSJ. It’s for free and Ted is doing it as he feels compelled to improve the sound of his creation so that we can all benefit.


I can assure everyone that DSJ SM is every bit as awesome as has been spelled out by the Sr. Owners.


Now Mr Badbeef, you doth tease also.


Grateful for the PS Audio free upgrades to our DAC’s but this release schedule firmly slots DS Jr owners as 2nd class citizens…


Guys, … we are far from 2nd class citizens. For goodness sake, lets just be happy that we have this great company and team that have given us a few great upgrades already and will continue to do so …as and when they can. 'til then…enjoy what we have.


I respectfully disagree kevjed.

I’ve owned many, many PS Audio products over the years (and still do) so I have spoken with my hard cash in support of this great company. However when you release an update on 11/12 to Sr owners and Jr owners are still waiting on Dec 9 it clearly shows the pecking order. And the Jr nature of the priority.

Maybe it has to be this way with the software development cycle (and I understand not holding back software that is done) but I would argue it may serve PS Audio better from a customer satisfaction perspective to release them simultaneously when both are ready. Just one long time customer’s opinion…


Its a shame you feel like a second class citizen. You are entitled to you opinions and I’m sure that you do feel the the way you do.
My humble apologies if I have offended anyone with my previous post.
My experiences in life have taught me to try to see the best in all. It is beyond my sphere of influence to have any impact on firmware upgrades and practices.
When it comes I’ll be happy to get a “new” DAC for little to no outlay. Still sounds like I’m ahead.
Respecting your position and perspective


Not teasing - just the facts as I hear them. It is a special release.


I know you weren’t. I was kidding. But I did put my hand up for beta testing and was told that it was only for the Senior (at the time). Would love to be part of beta testing for the DSJ next time.


fdemello - This was addressed ably by Elk above.


If PS knew in advance that the PIC code was going to be as problematic as it was (i.e. they were psychic) they COULD have done it that way, but with prior releases it didn’t take anywhere near as long to write and debug.

re: The Senior/Junior thing, if you were a Senior owner, I’m sure you would appreciate the respect shown them by doing their code first. Add to this that the Senior is considered their reference, and so it makes sense to hear what the FW is doing on that device first. And the PIC code on the Senior can be more involved.

Also, with regard to the process of listening to the compiles and choosing the best qualities, us Junior owners benefit from what is learned in the process of listening to the Senior compiles. The same qualities are then what are sought for the Junior FW.

If you followed the issues that cropped up for Senior owners AFTER the release, you’ll have an idea how different this was. Based on prior experience, Paul was able to predict with a fair degree of confidence that Junior would follow in a week. HOWEVER, PIC code for Junior is entirely different. Different device, different display, different set of issues to debug. You can’t simply take what you learn from doing the Senior and apply it to the other.

Neither in the case of the choice of compile (sonics) nor PIC code (control and other aspects) is the code “the same” despite the sonic portion (the compiles) being the same set of numbers from Ted. Ted has nothing to do with the PIC code, which is not written until that point - AFTER he hands it off to PS - and PS’s job is then picking the best-sounding compile for EACH device, writing the PIC code for EACH device, debugging as needed, and THEN making it work on Everyone Else’s devices without issue. This release is unlike any other both sonically (awesome)* and with regard to difficulty in implementation (freakishly more difficult than usual).


(In my opinion, in my system, in my room, on my DSJ, your mileage may vary, Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco : )