So how much difference in SQ are folks hearing with the P15 vs. P10?

Topic says it. Any early reports comparing the two?

As someone who was “lucky” enough to buy two (black) P10s in the weeks before the announcement of the newer, better replacements back in Nov 2017, I’m also VERY curious about the SQ improvements in the P15s. I’m currently using the two P10s in my system comprised of two JRDG 725s2 monoblocks, as well as a pair of Von Schweikert Audio’s actively powered loudspeakers, the VR-55 Aktives.

Having moved from a P10 to a P15, I’d say the increment in SQ was much greater from P10 to P15 than it had been moving from nothing to the P10! The P15 mellowed out an edginess that had always been in the system, and now it’s just a joy to listen. The P15 is a core component, and I’m thinking seriously of getting another (or a P20) for a second system.

I’m also enjoying the improved controls, reporting, and soft-start of the P15 over the P10.

A few years ago I moved from Power Plant Premier to P10, and what I’ve heard then is the same as I’m hearing now when moving from P10 to P15. As someone who not always reads the lyrics, these changes to better power conditioners seems to have the same effect in making me better understand small parts of the lyrics that I’ve perhaps wondered about earlier. Or said in another way, they enhance the resolution of the system. So when you reach a certain level of component quality, I think investing in a power conditioner is a better investment than going for higher quality components.

I’m perplexed–or maybe not. So few responses to an obvious question. I asked the same re the P5 to P12 and I think I got nothing.

I answer the question with another question. How does/can one quantify the difference?

Perhaps a more productive way to ask the question is ‘how does it improve your listening experience?’

I have a P10 and have no intention of moving to P15 until the used market exists and the price is 50% of what it is now. Worked well getting a P10 at closeout prices. Just last year the P10, P5, were the best thing ever. I don’t feel the P10 is obsoleted by the P15.

The benefit provided depends, depends on your incoming power and your gear/its demands.

In-home-trial. No other way to know.


Ay yai yai. Does the damn thing sound better or not? That’s all I want to know.:sunglasses:

I always wondered how to spell Ay yai yai!

It might be right. I just flew through it…

No forget it, the P20 is way better sounding than the P15.

As for number of responses, these units are still new to the field and not cheap. . . it will take a bit more time for there to be more users to respond.

we’ll see

Yep. I think this is right. There’s not that many units in the field and of those units even fewer people that read or respond on the forums. I can tell you the notes I get, the phone messages to our sales people, the occasional thank you cards are overwhelmingly supportive of the major sonic improvements. Several have responded the change between the P10 and P15 is bigger than no Power Plant at all.

Folks that send me emails are just raving about the improvements.

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