P10 owner - upgrade to P15 or P20?

Long time P10 owner looking to upgrade and asking the community and / or any owners who have gone down the same path as me.

P15 - is it worth the upgrade, is there a big enough jump in performance from a P10 to warrant the jump?
I like this option because similar size to my P10 so easy swop out in my rack.
Is it much heavier than the P10?

P20 - the one thing that worries me about the P20 is the weight, at 105 pounds, it’s always going to be a two man lift.
Is it reliable? Any reliability issues means it’s going to need shipping and then we’re back to the 2 man lifting again. If I could buy one and forget about it I’d go for this option.
I know the performance gains will be there ok.

Any other issues / concerns I haven’t covered?

My regenerator journey was: one of the very first PPP, then a P5, then a P10 and now also a P15.

The biggest jump in SQ was the PPP to P5. The P5 to P10 was very significant. The P10 to P15 is significant but not quite as big a jump as the others to be honest. It’s not that much heavier than a P10, and has been very reliable (about six months of use so far). I love it. I love my P10 too and it is in a different system. And I’m still using the PPP in a predominantly DVR/DVD/Blu-ray system. If a ship comes in I’ll try to squeeze a Stellar P3 in place of the PPP.

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I went from a P5/P10 combo to a P3/P12.

The new generation of PPs SQ improvement seems subtle at first, but over time, I’m finding myself backing out tweaks. The old generation PPs seems to add a noise that I thought was sourced elsewhere – hard to describe, but there were certain passages, notes, voices, etc. that would set my teeth on edge. This noise led me to go from EH tubes to Sophia tubes; seek out a NOS metal base rectifier tube; use a USB hub with a iFi power supply as a buffer between my digital player and PS DAC.

With the old generation PPs, all the above worked – no edge, but also no life :frowning:

Long story short, with P3/P12 combo, I’ve backed EVERYTHING out – back to EH tubes; back to a recently manufactured rectifier tube; removed the USB hub. The life is back, and there’s no edge!!

I’ve concluded that my problem was power all along. I’m thrilled with what I’m hearing these days.


Went from a P10 to P20. Significant upgrade. The P20s handles make it much easier to handle than the P10. Lastly, the P20 has twice the output devices which gives you more reserve in addition to 20A capability.

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PPP>P3>P10>P20. The P10 is the sweet spot on a benefit/dollar ratio without a doubt…my $.10 of-course. A fabulous machine.


How come your opinion is worth $0.08 more than mine?



My dealer has sold quite a few P20’s and so far none have been returned for any issues so reliability seems excellent. Sold a few P15’s but he recommends the P20 as the star item.
I’m leaning now more to the P20.

I would have gone for the P20 if I could have afforded it. I only have the P15 because I got a great deal from a dealer after PS Audio went without dealers. Paid just a bit less than what I would have from PS Audio with a trade in of the P10, and got to keep the P10.

Hello sheridd2. You are right about the weight of the P20. If you decide to go that route, preplan where you want to place it and all power cord lengths first. It will be a place once and done unless you have some really strong friends/relatives!