Shunyata Sigma V1/V2 Speaker cables

Has anyone had any experience with the Shunyata Sigma V1 or V2 speaker cables?

Yes I had the Shunyata Sigma V1 which replaced a Cardas Clear Beyond speaker cable. I have the V2 which is an excellent cable as the V1 was. The V2 is more revealing than the V1. In some systems it might be a little too revealing . It provides a ton of detail with a huge sound stage. I liked the V1 compared to the Cardas but the V2 is better than both.

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Any other insights concerning the Sigma V1/V2? Thank you!!!

I am sorry I didn’t respond sooner as I wasn’t aware of your follow up question. The two cables are very similar in sound but you get more detail. I don’t know what you have for a system but for me a very good comparison would be the MKI and MKII both a very good DACs but you get more resolving power, details and a bigger soundstage the MKII. You might want to do what I did and borrow some cables from the Cable Company.
The Cardas Clear Beyond is also a very good cable and might work better in some systems than either of the Shunyata’s.

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Current system:

I have the BHK 250, BHK preamp both with 7308 Jan White label Amperex tubes, P20 power Generator- with Audioquest Dragon 1 meter cable, Direct Stream Dac Mk2 , Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer , Tekton Moab speakers with upgraded crossovers, all other cables are “ice age cables”

Thank you…

Thank you!!

I actually have a 2.5m pair of V1 Sigma speaker cables I could let go to an interested party. They are in their very cool travel case and in very good condition.

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I’d love to hear more about your take on the differences.

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I unfortunately need 3 or 31/2 meters

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