Shunyata Sigma V1/V2 Speaker cables

Has anyone had any experience with the Shunyata Sigma V1 or V2 speaker cables?

Yes I had the Shunyata Sigma V1 which replaced a Cardas Clear Beyond speaker cable. I have the V2 which is an excellent cable as the V1 was. The V2 is more revealing than the V1. In some systems it might be a little too revealing . It provides a ton of detail with a huge sound stage. I liked the V1 compared to the Cardas but the V2 is better than both.

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Any other insights concerning the Sigma V1/V2? Thank you!!!

I am sorry I didn’t respond sooner as I wasn’t aware of your follow up question. The two cables are very similar in sound but you get more detail. I don’t know what you have for a system but for me a very good comparison would be the MKI and MKII both a very good DACs but you get more resolving power, details and a bigger soundstage the MKII. You might want to do what I did and borrow some cables from the Cable Company.
The Cardas Clear Beyond is also a very good cable and might work better in some systems than either of the Shunyata’s.

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Current system:

I have the BHK 250, BHK preamp both with 7308 Jan White label Amperex tubes, P20 power Generator- with Audioquest Dragon 1 meter cable, Direct Stream Dac Mk2 , Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer , Tekton Moab speakers with upgraded crossovers, all other cables are “ice age cables”

Thank you…

Thank you!!

I actually have a 2.5m pair of V1 Sigma speaker cables I could let go to an interested party. They are in their very cool travel case and in very good condition.


I’d love to hear more about your take on the differences.

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I unfortunately need 3 or 31/2 meters

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They are too short for me but a friend may be interested- how much are you looking to get?

$2999. I have way more than that into them of course.

Thank you . I’ll let my friend know.

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I demoed Shinyata Sigma V1 speaker cables and was disappointed- my Ice Age speaker cables sounded better… any ideas?

@tony22 To me the Cardas sound more like a tube amp and the Shunyata a solid state. Since I have a tube system the Shunyata worked better for me and my system. The Audience Front Row kind of split the difference between the two. All 3 are very good cables and well worth an audition.


Thank you …