Some aux, digital coax, SPDIF/TOSLINK questions

I have some important questions I need to know.

  • Is Aux/Auxiliary (3.5mm for example) analog or digital?
  • Do you know what “digital coaxial” audio cable is for? I’m assuming the cable is RCA, but for digital audio, with more EMF/EMI shielding.
  • Do you know a cheap way to convert SPDIF/TOSLINK (PS2) to Auxiliary? Will be testing/using (different times) PS2 AV To HDMI Adapter (has Aux), PS2 AV To Component (will convert 2x RCA to Aux with 2x RCA Female To 1x Aux Female Adapter), and PS2 AV To SCART (NO RCA/Aux).

You do not mention what piece of equipment you are speaking of, this is important.

Generally, an AUX/Auxiliary input is an analog input. I have seen some pieces of equipment that double it as a SPDIF, which is an electrical signal, input as well. I have also seen dual purpose inputs for TOSLINK, which is an optical signal, also.

From outward appearances a Digital SPDIF Coax cable is an RCA cable, and most will “work” just not offer the best performance. Purpose designed Digital Coax cables have different design characteristics such as impedance and capacitance.

An Aux signal is an Analog signal, just like the output from a cd player’s RCA jacks. A SPDIF or TOSLINK signal is a Digital signal which has to be converted to Analog before the final amplification stage that gets sent to the speakers.

To get a more specific answer you need to tell the forum what components your are trying to connect.

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For aux, computer stereo speakers. Thanks for clarifying aux signal.

Was trying to convert from PS2 Original (USA) TOSLINK connector to aux speakers somehow (I only have analog speakers). I haven’t used SCART before, so I assumed it didn’t carry audio signal. But its Wikipedia page (which I should’ve read) says it does.

(For PS2 and hopefully PS1) I’ve ordered and will try this: PS2 Original AV to SCART Cable, then SCART To HDMI Converter Box (with USB power), then HDMI Cable to Display. Will update its status.

(For PS2, also for backup) I also ordered AV To Component Cable and 2x RCA Female To 1x Aux Female Adapter. Adapter will be used to interconnect Component’s 2x RCA and Aux speakers.