Sony 360 Reality Audio... Is high end audio about to become obsolete?

Havent seen much talk about this in the hi end audio world. Was just at the NY Audio Show and zero mention of this. Everyone go and check out this link and watch the videos. Theres even a demo video demonstrating it. It can work in ANY headphone. Theres also going to be an Amazon Echo Studio speaker released next month for 200 bucks that does this 360 Audio thing too. Will all hi end audio become obsolete when this comes out?? No need for any DACS, AMPS, Pre AMPs, it just gives you the you are there feeling like we all chase daily with our systems! Very curious to hear what this sounds like and compare to a hi end system.

I feel very “meh” towards this.

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Whats funny is that they’re marketing this as if this is the first time ever the public is getting access to multi channel surround sound audio. SACD introduced this in the late 90s and DVD Audio in the early 2000s! But the general public has no idea what SACD or DSD is. The only difference is now they’re claiming this can be achieved with any pair of headphones, an Amazon Echo bluetooth speaker and not a 5.1 or Dolby Atmos set up.

here we go again…

It doesn’t sound as if they just reproduce room acoustics by the surround, but as if they really create a surround soundfield…but I don’t want to sit within the musicians…

How many recordings will this suit?
Not many i would imagine…
Will doubtless be an interesting effect, butnfor regular listening sessions?

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I did just recently get the amazon studio - but just for ease and convenience. It sounds decent - but it is in no way a ‘high end’ piece. Saying all of that - lot of sound and convenience built into a small package.