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I’ll never give up my big rig, but I gave it some serious competition over the holidays. My present to myself was a Fiio M11pro DSP, and Fiio FH–7 earphones. This little setup seriously rivals much more expensive systems, and allows me to discover music I never would have heard before. The key is that I can turn this system on when the big system isn’t available and play music I never would have before, anywhere I want. So, the music gets played. -(Tidal or Qubuz are a must.)
Go figure; It was a $1000 investment with a large return compared to my other audio investments.
My advice would be to try it if you have the means and desire. I really doubt you will be disappointed.By the way, this is the best that the younger market will ever hear.

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I bought the M11 pro about 2 weeks ago too! Really an incredible unit. My Focal Clear headphones arrive tomorrow. I put a TB micro sd card in and loaded up a bunch of high res music (wirelessly!). Streaming is awesome too! It’s so full of options. Highly recommended.

You and I are on the same page, for a change. I’m really lovin my combo. It’s nice to know that the
M11 will drive heavier loads at the press of a button. My Fiio earbuds were bought as I figured Fiio would know best what to use.
I frowned on personal audio before now, but have no reservations about it at this point.
By the way, use the balanced outputs for your headphones -a whole new ballgame!

Yes, I’ve already got a set of cables with the new Sony 4.4 mm balanced connection for the Focals. I’m using some sony WH-1000XM3 currently. They sound pretty damn good, even with bluetooth.
I’m really blown away at the versatility of the M11 pro.

Just checked out their website. Cool looking kit, but not sure how it all works exactly.

I have Qobuz and Tidal subscriptions. Could I stream “Hi-Rez” content from these providers via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from my iPhone 7 to one of these devices or is the music transferred and stored directly in memory in the devices?

Thanks in advance for any insight you care to share.

It would be cool if I could use this as a higher-end DAC to feed my integrated tube AMP in my office system somehow. I currently stream via Bluetooth to an Auris BluMe HD DAC/Music Receiver connected to a Jolida tube DAC via toslink (definitely a bit lower-fi due to the limitations of the iPhone Bluetooth output limitations I think).

Maybe Kyle can answer those questions. As I recall,the M11 or M11 pro can be used as a source if needed. I would advise you to purchase and try it out. Amazon will give you 30 days to discover how wonderful this device is. Again, you won’t be regretting t
he pu
e, but some good earbuds or earphones would help you make a decision.

You can stream high res content via bluetooth on your phone, or wifi directly on the M11. Bluetooth works both ways, to and from other devices! I have qobuz, tidal, and roon. All 3 apps work on the M11. The headphone outputs can be used as an output to other components as well.

10-4. Thanks.

I bought the leather case too. Nice touch.

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I use the Questyle QP2R DAP w/ Focal Utopia HP in the office when I have the Roon/Bose off; love the balanced output…

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Just picked this NW-A45 Walkman and Bose BT ear buds for Christmas. Using in Evoque and cycling

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I was going to get the Questyle, it looks like a great unit. The streaming action of the Fiio sold me.

I like the Fiio M11pro a lot, but regret that there is only one microSD card slot as opposed to two in the M11. I have a 500Gb card in mine at present and it is 2/3 full of Hirez downloads.
I doubt I’ll have the time to enjoy all that music, but the option is there. -Options are nice to have.

John, the M11 pro still has a capacity of 2 TB, just one slot. Apparently, the 2 slots were causing issues.

I found this card on Amazon prime for about $230. image

Thanks Kyle. Are there any issues with a micro SD card that large?

Zero issues. On the Roon app, have you deleted and reinstalled it?

-Not yet, but maybe I’ll try again today.

@kylemillsap - I also have a Pioneer DAP-100 for DAP streaming. The Questyle does not have the streaming and if I cared about streaming for that SQ level, would not have went Questyle. Right you are…

For headphones I have a set of Klipsch HP-3s, very happy with them and power them with a Quad tube Headphone amp…nice rig I picked up from a buddy. When I fly(which isn’t a lot), I use an set of Oppo PM-3s and pocket DAC(HA-2)…great for watching movies on Ipad :slight_smile: