Sound of different server memory - my experience

I have a nice computer that serves my DS via I2S. Recently I began experimenting with different memory modules as I have access to a fair number of different makes and configurations of DDR4.

Well, many sound the same but some sound better than others. I’ve found the wide temp, industrial ‘spec’ ECC ram sounds the ‘best’. Single-rank, two 8GB modules in my case preferred vs. dual-rank and/or one 8GB module. Who knew. I also prefer the memory clock speed as low as bios will allow.

Comparatively significant upgrade that is modest in cost. I would say it’s a similar order of magnitude improvement or more than power cable differences and far lower cost.

Get out there and experiment. I settled on the Apacer brand as many others doing these experiments have as well.


Hey I guess if fuses can change the sound why not memory. This is definitely being an Audiophile.

would the ECC circuitry also affect the SQ ?

Not so much the extra circuit but the corrected errors in ram. Memory isn’t perfect and ecc reduces the correction the other systems (chipset or cpu) have to do

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I suppose. I don’t obsess over any of this though. 30 years working with computer and mostly network infrastructure makes the computer tweaking bit 2nd nature for me.

This improvement in ‘ease’ is definitely in the realm or more than the fuse changes I’ve made. My favorite being the top line Beeswax one in the DS. Liquid goodness that counters the touch of sharp edge of the Blue in my BHK pre.

I’m happy to share the part #s of the ram if anyone would like to give these a try. Depending on how much ram one needs, it’s quite an inexpensive improvement.

Lead times are somewhat lengthy now as of course it’s made in China.

APacer 4GB D31.23185S.001 - ~$65

APacer 8GB D31.23245S.001 - I have 2 of these at $111 each.

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