CAPS Server

Ok ted here is the update on CPU,s. For a caps server.

Thee types of CPU , s used. One I5 dual core 2.40

one I7 xion 3.5

one I7 2.45

one xion I7 2.5

three different mother boards , this is some thingi had to do for the test as audio,optimizer makes me use a machine code if I change the chip,or mother board . Full core mode one PC setup . No network connections .

all was done with a main battery for mother board by red wine . This atx adaptor fed the main board and PPA USB card only.

The two hardrives have seperate bakoon battery supplies . No fans and pp red sata cables. And PPA ram drive and filter ram board .

pcm both red book , hinrez and dsd was played and both 54 and 65 were used as well.

For PCM there was no difrence to be heard no matter hiw hard I tried. Now with complex PCM I did feel the staging changed a little from soft to,loud or simple to complex . But I honestly could say all,the time so not sure.

But with dsd yes the I7 just added more deatils to the music and made the staging a little different. But not like the I3 I heard that really changed things for sure it was obvious. Regarding the firmwares. Wow what change from 54 to 65. It’s much closer to the music , almost removing a vail but honestly 54 is not vailed it’s just a little more laid back. But with the caps the sounds are so defined it’s kinda ok to be a little furthure back . Again depending on the mood . The caps give the dac such a boost in performance I think anyone who hears this way would be buying one . The music literally changes as the voices and instruments I heard from a different vantage point . Anyway another few hours of music listening is done.

I know Paul loves his mc mini and ted I do not know what you use at shows but a caps is truly stunning when used with the DS.

that’s it good night .


Thanks elk.

Guys and gals please add to this thread it has made an amazing improvment over the playback with USB and the DS. so much so I wish I had doe this a while back. The change is so spectacular I am sure you guys think I’m crazy . I assure you I am not.

I can post all I have in the one major setup. But I am here to say there is no need to go all out . While I have put time into this and played back and forth for a few weeks now . I can now say what you get for what options. For anyone who has heard of audio optimizer configured with win server 2012. This just amazing to hear. . Anyone else here please post setups we all post endlessly about interconnects and various add on components as preamps or not. And yes some make an immediate change but nothing like this does . The music is so separated it’s as if I am in the room And can focus on what ever I wish. I can show you how you can for few hundred do what some spend thousands on .


This reminds me of how many report spectacular sound from the Bryston BDP-1/BDP-2.


I’m a little confused–maybe this is a continuation of an earlier thread that I didn’t follow. If I’m understanding correctly, you got a CAPS machine and experimented with changing different CPUs and motherboards–yes?

I bought a CAPSv3 Carbon a while ago (standard configuration as designed by Chris). I have mostly used it for ripping LPs with my NPC. Recently I’ve been experimenting with USB playback to the DS. At this point my ethernet streaming setup still sounds noticeably better. I have a USB cable on order to replace the one from the office supply store, and I do plan to experiment with Fidelizer. I’m guessing that the battery power supply might provide the biggest improvement, but money and rack space are limited. Given your experience with CAPS designs, what do you think? Thanks!

Ok forts off I a, fairly new to caps although I a have building CPU , for my coma at and personnel use for years.

The unit you bought and or assembled from cris I am aware of. But mine has several additions and a complex,Evelyn different OS then yours does.

Allow me to list so you cad see.

OS. is own server 2012. R2.

Next audio optimizer by highend audio Phil. I use it in both normal and core mode.

Next is Paul pangs USB card . The card has it’s own linear PSU and external regulator for the 5 volt to card.

Two SD drives one for OS a 120 gig or so is fine. And you can dual boot as well to win 8 or 7.

Next is a SSD drive for music only. I use j river as server software.

In normal mode it’s as good and better than any server I have tried the servers are an iMac and a krell connect music server and even my UMT plus as a server is better than the previous two but not anything like core mode.

Now for type of boost I am posting about is the above in core mode so some dos commands are needed to get it going once the core mode is selected and loads .

As I have not done a complete comparison to hater dacs I own I can say easily this is the best I ever heard from this dac. It’s truly off the hook. If you heard hiw this sounds you would be posting about it.

The various CPU chips was asked by ted. He said that an I5 dual core would sound better than a I7 for reasons he stated . So I did a three hour a,b,c,d test and posted my results. I have posted before that the CPU setup mattered plenty to me with this dac and some others . And two setups sounded best to me. My iMac an I7 and my other PC I7 bith have digital drives but Mac is Mac software with aurdivana plus. And the PC is win 7 and the PPA USB card.

The above is full caps setup my own . I also have a all out setup all batteries and the stuff. Expensive about 5 k. But to tell you the truth just what I posted above has given a good 75 percent there enough that now dsd is above the PCM as before this is something I have posted about here . I felt the dac did great PCM but the dsd lacked in being the improvment I hear with other dacs.

Hope this clears things up and ask any questions you wish.

Again in thanks elk

elk pass long this comment for forums posting when someone does a post Ina thread they should automatically be assigned to future updates by email.


Ps the hell with the cable until you here this. I have a few high end USB cables with this setup it does not matter.


Thanks for the detailed explanation, Al. That looks like an awesome machine–wish I could hear it! Meanwhile I will keep looking for ways to improve the Carbon that I have. I did check into audio optimizer a while ago and will take another look at it.

I think your caps is fine.

The optimizer software is about 100 and can do a few machines.

The win server 2012 is pricy but you can renew the trial evey 180 days. And the download is free.

All ypu need is know how to do it. I read about the caps units people buy and I do not understand why they do not try the win server 2012. It’s actually cheaper. The caps you bought if Zumba cost you how much ?? 2k right. Well take a simple windows machine and buy a few parts like the PPA card and simple 5 volt psu for it. And two extra ssd drive. One can be 120 gig or smaller and the other is for music so a 500 g is good and you have network anyway to load more. Two if my caps have fans. I cannot tell if the fans are running in the music and they make no noise to complain about.


Now that I have my USB issues mostly sorted out, I’m getting a copy of Server 2012. My music is streamed from my NAS, so I won’t be doing the dual hard drive thing, but I’m taking delivery of some sort of a bench grade linear power supply on Tuesday for the PC in order to ditch it’s laptop style power brick. I have a 40GB SSD somewhere around here, so that’s where the Server 2012 will go.

I really can’t afford anything else right now (Audiophile USB cards, Memory, batteries etc) so we’ll see how Server 2012 in core mode on SSD, Linear PSU, running Foobar goes.

What power supply did you get?

alrainbow said The win server 2012 is pricy but you can renew the trial every 180 days.
Thanks for that tip -- I looked at server 2012 but was put off by the price.

If you mean me. I have a few. The bakoon is for the hard drives os and music uses separate battery supplies . The main board PSU is from red wine audio. It’s double battery setup. It outputs 12 volts to the atx in out board. Then a audio gd linear PSU to a 5 volt regulator .

My simple setup is just the audio gd PSU and reg to apparent USB card and of course the win 2012 and audio optimizer. In core mode it’s still very good with all,the batteries and a basic switching CPU grade PSU .


I am sure the senses on me is a confusing one . I have way to much passion and not enough patience . I know this. But I always have better music for all of us at the core of my post,s. And I am glad I helped you.



“Ok forts off I a, fairly new to caps . . .”


So, your caps server is a forts off I a?

Can you clarify the name for me please.

Hahaha. I meant first off. And my caps is my own device , not any name associated with them. I can list all,the stuff with model numbers if need be. As not all main boards work with win server 2012 in core mode.

I have ave two with out a fan on the CPU and one with it.


magister said
alrainbow said The win server 2012 is pricy but you can renew the trial every 180 days.
Thanks for that tip -- I looked at server 2012 but was put off by the price.

Current editions of audiophile optimizer work with Windows Server 2012 Essentials. I am lucky to be eligible for academic versions of this, which can be found for significant discounts. I am sure with a little exploring you could find someone in academia to buy you a copy - have no idea if this is legal according to the license, so you didn’t hear it from me.

As for the improvements in sound quality, I am with Al… pretty substantial in core mode.


Thanks. For agreeing.

It adds the missing files but takes longer to go into and out of core mode 1.26 For me formatting and installing is fine. The more I do this the better I have gotten. He also links the ISO on his website.

Please do not think I am associated with any of this. I am not at all. Just a guy who loves tech and audio. Ted B turned me unto this at another web site. And once I did try it wow is he right. But like anything else it’s. Pain until you understand it.


Thanks for the information Al!

I found the AUDIOPHILE OPTIMIZER with reviews and tips at:

Very cool.


What sound signature and digital filter did you end up settling with for the audiophile optimizer Al? I just picked it up myself in dual boot with a trial of windows server 2012. Sadly, I’m pretty sure my speakers are not up to the task of the improvements offered by the optimizer, but it’s still pretty noticeable with how imaging changes and tightens up. Less digital sounding somehow too. I’d rate it as a more important investment then a ppa card, which I ended up taking out (and might have to put back to test).