Source for WonderCaps and Solen Caps for Infinity IRS Beta Crossover?

I am looking for capacitors to correct an issue with a cross over on one of my IRS Beta speakers.

I need:

  • WonderCaps 10uf 310V X 7502A

  • WonderCaps .01uf

  • Solen PB 5100 51uf 150VAC

I appreciate leads/links

Cheers! Juan

Have you tried Michael Percy Audio? He was a good source of exotic electronic parts for me back when I was slinging solder:

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You might try for the Solen piece. I was able to find the PB 51 uF cap listed and in stock. No luck on the WonderCaps.

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Got the Solen from Solen in Canada. Great prices also!

WIll look into Percy for the Wonder