Speaker cables what are you using for your system?

I use Kimber 4VS for my living room system and 4TC for my main stereo. Also using Belden 5T00UP for my subs.

Cardas Clear Sky X4. Between my Pass X250.5 and my Salk Sound 7M monitors. Works for me. No desire to change to anything else. Guess I should mention I use Clear Sky ICs and system synergy sticking with Cardas end to end is a factor.

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Triode Wire Labs and Audio Envy.

I’m quite happy with my bi-wired Morrow SP7 cables feeding my ATC’s.

Wywires Platinum Speaker cables

Iconoclast TPC, will be demoing OFE :slight_smile:

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DIY Lapp Kabel Öllflex, bi wiring, with Purist Audio spades on one side, bananas on the other.

Using the AudioQuest ThunderBird Zero & Bass biwire combo couldn’t be more pleased, replaced my previous SVS speaker cables.

Excerpt page 22 AQ Price Book

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I’m working on getting a demo pair of Thunderbird Zero’s to try out on my system.

El Maestro speaker cables from Snake River Audio from M700 monoblocks to the Sonist Speakers.
Audioquest Indigo Hyperlitz (yes, 20+ years old) from CJ tubes to Infinity Modulus.
Like both cables.

An Iconoclast fan here as well with OCC XLR’s. Though more expensive, they do have a different sonic signature than OFE, and you might want to try these as well.

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XLO Signature 3. Tried a bunch over the years and these are the ones that work the best for me.

Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8
(The correct answer by the way)

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Fadel Art biwire cables (no longer available)

Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval

Oops…I meant demo the Icono SPTPC as well with your speakers, very different that I OFE.

I utilize the venerable M2.4 bi-wire in Star-Quad

I didn’t know you used Analysis Plus. I’ve always thought about trying them. I now use their guitar cables. I tried one at a studio and I was amazed at how good they sounded.

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Very old school (20+ years) Wireworld Gold Eclipse 3, a solid-silver 7 gauge litz wire design; works well with high current amps and power hungry speakers.
However, I am planning to try Galen’s cable.

They replaced some nice cables. I thought they sounded sweet. Next I am going to try using cobbled together welding rods with no insulation but careful placement.