Speaker setup - No image depth

Also is that a window on the left?

You need a giant panel on both the left and right to counter that. It’s a little unclear from the photo but unlike / asymmetric first reflections just kills any chance of proper imaging. Even drywall with insulation one side vs drywall no insulation makes a difference. And go a few feet above the tweeters in height. I found that helps. It’s unclear where your absorbers are at the first reflection points L/R. But, measured, in my system these first reflection points make more of a difference than any treatment behind the speakers.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Double Impacts.
I also have the upgraded version and as you I was disappointed with the quality off the crossover components.

I love the way the present voices and also the dynamic.

But after going through another marathon speaker setup I am giving up on getting a real sense of depth.

But it was not a wasted effort. It sounds better now than ever

I also think there must be a gear related limitation in case you also get no depth if sitting in a triangle of shorter distances.

Would be interested in pictures of the new arrangement if you are willing to share…


[Edit: By the way, if you have not moved those (what looks like absorbers) further into the room to where the first or second reflection points on the side walls are, then you have not given it your best shot yet, IME.]

Yes it is. I have build a large absorber that I move in front of the glass door when I listen to music.

It’s very hard for me to treat the left side, it’s also very different from the right side.
I will post some pictures.

Thanks all for your help and engagement. It really helps me :blush:
And I am not giving up some day I will get to hi-fi heaven.

I will post some pictures of my room. The acoustic treatment has changed a lot but I need some daylight before I can take some new ones. And right know its dark when I get up and also when I get home.

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No there are closer. Sounds better

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I am also thinking the same. Got to try to take them down

The Tekton and LM845 are not a perfect match. The Tekton needs more power also the bass is not so tight.

I bought the Lm845 because I wanted to hear a real SET amp and was hoping for a good match because the Tekton are 96db but 4 ohm is not good for a SET amp.

But voices and acustic music but also blues sounds GREAT

Agreed. The reverb is the main clue for me, specially when moving from 3 to 6ft. From 6 to 9ft, the depth effect is much larger, than from 3 to 6ft

I’ll toss in my two cents. Speaker spacing might be too wide, but I’d recommend you try playing with toe-in as well. In my experience toe-in makes a bigger difference than you might imagine both with tonal balance and with image fill. That might be especially true of the Tektons given that unique tweeter array. I can’t tell you which way to experiment with toe-in, the Tektons again having that usual tweeter geometry, but in my system which is quite different from yours toe-in with an intersection point 2-3 feet behind my seating position locks in imaging side-to-side front to back. It isn’t subtle when I find the toe-in sweet spot. Others have found a toe-in intersection point in front of the listening position works bests. It costs you nothing to experiment with toe-in (and speaker separation too, they are interdependent in my opinion for best imaging).

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I have the same kind of depth you are describing.

It’s not good enough to fool the brain but you get a sense of layer one instrument behind each other.
Also some recordings are in your face and other is in a line just behind the speakers.

Some recordings fills the room and sounds really big.

So in my setup it’s easy to hear bad and good recordings also to separate two singers on a stage.
But layers not so much.

Got to find a person that can give me a demo of a system with a great sense of depth

Can you bi-amp the Tekton’s?

Keep the LM feeding the top end…?

Just a thought…



Let me know if you decide to part with the LM. :wink:


This is the setup disk that most helped me with soundstage and depth. Specially from track 57.

The voice + bells + finger snapping really helps to pinpoint the location. I found out my setup is very, very sensitive to toe in. Get a bit too much, and left and right locations collapse to the center and move forward

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I was driving the Tektons with 250 watts/ch (into 4 ohms) (Simaudio Moon 600V2). I don’t think sheer power is the answer. Because the Tektons are so efficient (mine were 99 dB) I found that reducing the output on my DS DAC from 100% to 82% and cranking up the amp helped a little bit, not not enough.

The Double Impacts are not set up for bi-amping.

I did not use the Tekton supplied spikes because they had coarse threads and I needed to do leveling, so the extended stud on the spike will be loose. I use Track Audio Isolation Feet that are essential for micro details and strong dynamics on my SEAS Thor speakers. It took me a month (during pandemic lockdown) to acquire the matching threaded studs so I could use them on the Tektons. Finally they came, and I was so hopeful they would be the answer. Nope, only minor improvement. These Tektons are about 125 pounds, and the cabinet is a bit “live” so the best footing may be hard to sort out.

Just bought :slight_smile: thanks for the tip

Copy that.

Before I decided to buy the Tektons I bought the B&W 702S with a 30 days return policy.
There are beautiful speakers and can created a much deeper soundstage than the Tektons.
I didn’t buy them because the sounded small and the bass in my room was thin.