Speaker stands at ear level!?

Its well the Rule to have THE tweeter at ear level?
I use to listen music standing not so much sitting, so why there is not speakers stands for 2 meters or 160 cm at least?

I can not pu it on wall, to much bass, and My wall is “hallow modern wall”

Is it bad to put a speakers over a floorstander?

I just wish they made stands Up to 2 meters!

Amy comments, or rexommendations?


You could make or have a set of tall speaker stands made by a local wood or metal worker. You might also try just adding some blocks under the front of the speakers to tilt them back.


It’s a good question. I suspect just supply and demand. Or, perhaps nobody thought of it previously.

Need telescoping speaker stands like the telescoping mountain bike seat posts ……

I know they make metal stands (after market) for Martin Logan and others who want their speakers off the floor and up a bit.

Hard to find

They dont use to be so Good as nordstone

Maybe you could try a stack of hollow core cement blocks or stackable milk crates to see if you like the height.There should be a few simple ways to try it out using the local hardware or big box store (Home Depot or Menards type stores)

Maybe speakers like these that look Up could be THE solution, i see atacama stands are also Bent upp😃

Good ideal i see IF i can find something someday