Looking for near field speakers for my fathers office - odd listening position

Its not a big room, 3,09x3,65m (10,1x12ft for you rebels out there!). Height is 2,64m (8,7ft).

He would prefer something, that would extend into the low frequency area, and he has a bit of a hearing problem (severe dip at 4khz, from what I understand).

I looked everywhere, but most of the time, the manufacturers requirements are to position the speakers close to the back wall. So then I thought about active monitors, and the Mackies MR524/CRX5 crossed my mind.

I do not really mind if they are powered or passive. The source will be the PC, mostly Youtube. Any recommendations for an amp and DAC would be much appreciated!

I was wondering, given his hearing condition, if I should intentionally choose something with emphasis on the affected hearing area?

Oh and the budget would be up to 250€ for the speakers.

So is this on a desk?

So not in your price range - but best desktop speaker I have heard is the Mini Maggie system from magnepan. Two mini panels and a panel that sits under the desk for bass. 1490 USD. I’m sure someone will come in with something else possibly Elacs. Although I have never heard the elac.

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To me, 4khz would be midrange. Anyway, near field listening renders better frequency response across the board, so I won’t worry much about wall proximity.
Acoustic Energy AE100 has good reviews. €217.61 Exc. VAT
Fyne Audio F300 is a bit dearer, but I found one on special: €173.89 Exc. VAT Fyne Audio F300 Loudspeakers - Walnut - New Old Stock - Analogue Seduction
Dali Spektor 1 comes to mind as well. €177.87 Exc. VAT
Finally Martin Logan Motion 2i: €173.89 Exc. VAT


Yes, they will be positioned on the desk. Probably I will put some foam under, and that is pretty much it. Although, I thought about using small stands on the desk. Just so they will be out of the way for paperwork.

Timm, than is slightly out of budget, but one day who knows?

Serhan, thank you! If you were not so far away from me, I would gladly bring some ribs to the bbq! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you for the recommendations!

Sadly, those Fyne speakers ship only inside the UK, and I am from Slovenia. The good news is, that there are a couple of retailers around my area, so I can go and listen to the Dali Spektor 1 and Fyne Audio F300 in person.

Someone on another forum recommended me the Dayton Audio speakers. Do you or anyone here has any experiences with them as near-field?

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4kHz seems very high to me. I think of midrange from 300 to 1kHz.
I can’t find my graph to confirm. If I am wrong someone please correct my memory.
I think Dad, like me (age 77) would like good music preproduction in the 200 to 600 Hz range.

Well, he is quite a bit younger, so he still has some range to use!

In regard to the 4khz dip, this is what someone posted on another forum:

“Most people over 40 have a dip at 4KHz- audiologists call that a ‘noise dip’ because a lot of the common noises we’re exposed to cause it.”

4khz, should be at the very tip of upper mid range.

Yes, I would think so as well, in regard to the low mid range and mid range emphasis. Especially given the fact he never owned a pair of decent speakers. But he used to be an upright bass player when he was young, so I can understand why he likes those lower frequencies :grin:

And I know the shortcomings of speakers in this price range, but I just want to get him a good starting point.