Speaker Width & Volume

I recently moved my speakers about 12 inches wider apart, and I find that I’m turning up the volume a few notches higher when listening. Is my mind playing tricks on me, or is this a well known effect of speaker placement?!

Before and after photos:

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where did you find the audio rack? looks nice

Not your imagination. Center fill can be changed by just a foot of extra distance between your speakers. I’ve observed the same. Inching up the volume is compensation for loss of center fill I believe.


It’s a Canadian company called Foundation Audio :+1:

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If you really want to hear what your speakers can do, try this.

Thanks. My problem is I have a pretty small apartment here in Hong Kong, and my listening room is L shaped, so I’ve always had a hard time following standard speaker placement guides.

I think I’ve settled on a decent setup for now, I was just a bit surprised that I was losing volume with the speakers wider apart.

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