What speakers do you plan to use with your Sprout?

Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 45s

andrewnewman said Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 45s
Have you compared them to the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR, I've heard good things, but a bit leery of Pioneer.

I’ve heard that Pioneer model and while it’s not bad, I find that it suffers from incredibly steep (to my ear) low midrange roll off followed by an unwelcome compensatory boominess in the high-mid bass (possibly to make up for the 4 inch low frequency driver). I find a lot of speakers that seem designed to surround a computer monitor also suffer from this same flaw. Unchallenging music that’s been compressed can sound pretty good at lowish volumes but anything challenging (particularly live jazz performances for some reason) really sound dreadful.

The Def Tech’s (again, to my ear) are much more refined (and more expensive, keep in mind, then the Pioneers). At low volumes they disappear into the room and create an almost subliminal ambiance. When you crank them up, they maintain amazing composure at surprisingly high volume. It’s a little hard to describe. Imagine if someone were whispering (or mumbling) the Aria to a famous opera and they suddenly raised the volume and you realized they had a world class voice. It’s actually a little freaky.

To be fair, I already own a pair of the Def Techs so it’s not like I went shopping specifically for Sprout speakers. Also, if you go with this model be aware that they benefit from 2-3 weeks break in before they sound their best. (If you don’t believe in speaker break-in periods, owning these will convince you).

andrewnewman said

I’ve heard that Pioneer model and while it’s not bad, I find that it suffers from incredibly steep (to my ear) low midrange roll off followed by an unwelcome compensatory boominess in the high-mid bass . . .

Interesting. The measurements do not reveal either such a roll off or bass boost. Instead they are remarkably flat.


What can I say? My ears are pretty old :) For the record I would never advise that someone skip listening to a speaker because of my subjective audition nor would I suggest someone buy a set of speakers without listening first. To you point, however, the graph shows a flat response. Perhaps it was the peculiars of the listening space or maybe I am attributing some other sonic artifact to the midrange roll off…

I heard the Kef Ls-50’s awhile back… and really liked. I’ll audition them with the Sprout as well as the Sierra-2’s from Ascend Acoustics. I won’t be buying any speaker until I listen to it with the Sprout.

andrewnewman said . . . the graph shows a flat response. Perhaps it was the peculiars of the listening space . . .
I suspect so.

The reviews are excellent, the price has dropped, they are readily available and easily returnable. If at all interested, I would buy a pair and test them out. Walmart sells them for $117. I expect they are great little speakers.

The LS-50s sound glorious! I bet they are a great match to the Sprout. Be aware, that we have (in the same thread) talked about 150 dollar speakers, 400 dollar speakers and 1500 dollar speakers. While I’m sure we all agree cost isn’t everything, a higher sticker affords the use of materials and engineering that has the potential to produce a better sounding speaker.

Yep. And I think that is good. What are best speakers with the Sprout at different price points?

Given the power rating of the Sprout, what are your thoughts on how well a speaker with a sensitivity of 85db would accommodate a medium size room? I am considering auditioning the new B&W 686 s2. I live in an apartment, so I can’t play music too loud anyway.

So a lot depends upon how loud you want to play the music and how large the room is (also how close you are to the speakers). I would think that you could get to reasonably righteous sound levels in a room with normal ceiling height where you are typically not more than 8 feet from the speakers with a sensitivity of 85db. I’m pretty sure you could end your lease prematurely :)

Hello all. I am new to PS Audio forum. I am also one of the bakers of Sprout amplifier.

And I am waiting for mine as others… And as few of us I am considering speaker options.

WAF factor is quite important in this case, therefore speakers have to look brilliant and have to be white ;)

Following these directions I have chosen few speakers to listen together with Sprout:

  1. Amphion Argon 3 and 3L

  2. B&W cm series

  3. My wife’s absolutely favourite - because of design: Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 :)

I love design of Sonus and price for Venere is acceptable. I am wondering if You guys (PS Audio engineers) have heard/tested Sprout with one of those speakers, especially with Sonus…

And also, generally - what do you think about these options? And also 3k USD is’nt too much for 800$ Amplifier?

I know - I have to trust my ears only - but waiting time is killing me :D


Given the choice? No question, go the Sonus Faber. You won’t be unhappy. They’re great, Sprout’ll do them justice and no, it’s not too much for Sprout. Post a picture when you do. Sprouts shipping soon. They’ve started arriving in small batches and we’re testing.

Awesome news Paul!

So, back to this topic again, while I’m waiting for my Sprout.

KEF LS50’s or Amphion Argon 1’s?

Thought i read at kickstarter.com that Scott was testing sprout with the Argon1’s. So how did that go? Are these the best match for Sprout?

The price for the two is exactly the same here in Norway. But I’m leaning more against the Argon1’s because i read in a review that the LS50’s are a little dependent on the placing, and Aphion state that their speakers are not so dependent on the placing to sound good.

When that is said, I’m no “audiophile”, so both will probably sound great to me.

I’ll be listening to all sorts of music. But mostly pop, rock and some r’n’b/soul.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  • Rudi

I have to agree with Andrew on the oversold bass with the pioneer’s. Once I get some funds together I’ll be going for the ls-50’s.


Decware DM 945/946 (8 inch woofers), 94 db (efficient speakers are a great match for the Sprout), the clear winner of my Speaker shootout.

These speakers are only 16 inches tall and 9 inches wide, not much bigger than speakers with only a 6.5 inch woofer (see list below).

Leaves the following in the dust:
Wharfedale 10.2
Klipsch Reference RB-61 II

So I surmise, alpha_lover, that you are recommending the Decware speakers… :)

Couple of questions:

  1. Do you have the 945 or the 946?
  2. Where in the world can you demo these without buying them?

I just picked up a set of Focal Chorus 826V’s for what I think is a steal. They are just over 91dB efficiency so they are not overly loud with the Sprout but they seem to be quite musical so far while breaking in. I have a new set of speaker cables breaking in as well. My older PS Statements have a nasty habit of dragging the Sprout off of the stand. surprised-014_gif Will give a bit of a blurb on the setup after I futz with it a bit and let it finish cooking. laugh