andrewnewman said So I surmise, alpha_lover, that you are recommending the Decware speakers... :)

Couple of questions:

  1. Do you have the 945 or the 946?
  1. Where in the world can you demo these without buying them?
1. I have the 945, but I am thinking of ordering a second set of woofers to convert to the 946 (cost of about $200.00).
  1. Demo in your home.

Either buy a used pair (you can most likely resell them for what you paid for them), or

Buy them from Declare with a return policy (restocking fees may apply)

Hope this helps

P.S. Also you can visit the Decware Factory in Peoria, IL

or come to my house in Nashville

So, we’ve been enjoying our Sprout with the Pioneer BS22s. Decided to try it out with the Wharfedale 10.2s. Very nice. I can hear what folks mean regarding the oversold bass of Pioneers. The Wharfdales are an improvement, but we’re gonna try something else before making a decision. We have them another week before moving we’ll move to another test.

I looked up a few other models to consider trying out in this price range and above (probably a $1000/pair max) and noticed Definitive Technology’s headquarters is less than an hour from our DMV home. That caught my interest. I love supporting US-based companies. It also appears I can try these out at home with Best Buy’s return policy. So, one or more of their StudioMonitor Series will be next.

Will keep you posted.


I am very happy with the way the Sprout sounds with Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 45s. I actually prefer the sound of the 45s to the 55s but I will caution that if you intend to put them close to a wall you might consider the 55s (or 65s) as they have a top mounted passive radiator instead of the rear firing port of the 45s.

Keep us posted on your impressions…

Well, I am running into a problem with trying out (or even hearing) a set of speakers in the $1000/pair price range. I can’t find anyone in the DC area who stocks the Def Tech 65s or the Peachtree D5s. I even called Def Tech (they’re only 45 miles from my house) and Peachtree and they don’t know of anyone who stocks them. I guess DC hates music. ;-)

Seriously, what other speakers in this price range should I tryout/give a chance?

One other question. The Sprout is ideal for apt living and nearfield listening. Which of the speakers we’ve been talking about here (and others) in the $1000/pair price range that exceed with low(er) volumes in nearfield listening.

So, I am now testing a pair of B&W 685 S2s with Sprout. In our townhouse the speakers are necessarily close to the wall and one to a corner. The front firing bass port helps that a bit. Overall, we like these better than the Wharfedale 10.2s and the Pioneer BS22s. They are fairly ugly speakers though, a black box without curves or wood finish.

These may be a keeper, though we might opt to test one more pair a step up from these, any specific recommendations under $1500 given the necessary speaker placement?

Today I find out that I do not need anything else for my Linn AV5140 (90db 4 ohm) just the Sprout “All in One” the Bluetooth is just Awesome lol


kdsalas said Today I find out that I do not need anything else for my Linn AV5140 (90db 4 ohm) just the Sprout "All in One" the Bluetooth is just Awesome lol ...........

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, and a very basic one at that. I’m interested to know what speakers you would recommend for nearfield settings (an apartment in New York). I’m hoping for something below 1K.

I’ve had success with the Peachtree D5s so far (and another amp) but it would be great to know of others that really suit the Sprout.

Thanks, Ruwan

I am using Paradigm Atom V.5’s

Has anybody used Sprout with Wharfedale 10.5 towers, or with Pioneer SP-FS22-LR floor standing speakers? I have been using the Pioneer SP-BS22-LRs at my desk, and they are great at close range. But I am getting a second Sprout for my living room, and I think I need a bit more for that room size and seating distance. Looking for speakers in the $500 range. I also have a subwoofer I can add in, if needed.

How about Elac B6’s, might be a problem with the bass boost at 67hz & rolling off quickly thereafter

Anyone try these?

Just wanted to follow up and note that with the help of the folks at MusicDirect, I selected the Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 bookshelf loudspeakers. They absolutely rock with Sprout, and fill the large open space of my living room / dining room more than adequately. Tremendous response and clarity, bass is robust but not muddy, even when mounted on an actual bookshelf.

just received the sprout last week…love it! been playing it through, martin logan lx16, old bose am5, Jensen SS-100 (1958!) and magnepan 1.7 loud speakers…amazing product!! order a pair of key ls50’s looking forward to seeing how it will sound!

Great product, Great job Scott

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum.

Thanks @pwrfulpete for the comment and welcome to the forum! The LS50’s are KILLER with Sprout and we’re quite pleased that you have been enjoying your experience thus far. I’m truly jazzed to hear you’re having fun with Sprout and the 1.7’s, which is quite an accolade :-)

Thanks again!


fritzg said What speakers do you plan to use with your Sprout?
Dali Zensor 3. FANTASTICS!

Hi fritzg, At home I use Sprout with the Peachtree D5’s. Sometimes I alternate between those and the GoldenEar Aon 3’s. Many customers have been highly satisfied with the KEF LS50’s if it works for the budget, and I know ELAC is coming out with their astounding new speakers available in the US soon. Having said all that, Sprout will power about any loudspeaker out there, and make them sound great.

Further questions or can I make any clarifications?



I am looking for a good pair of bookshelf speakers with not too much baffle step compensation for mounting on my mantle (brick wall) powered by Sprout and a Squeezebox. This is my primary cooking and entertaining system. I am using a pair of Planet10 Mar-Ken10 (Alpair 10) speakers which are wonderful stand mounted but on mantle with the Sprout’s bass boost is a no-go. Really wish the bass boost was defeatable