New Sprout 100 owner looking for speakers

New PS Audio fan here looking for some direction…

I recently bought a Sprout 100 here in the UK and I’m now hunting for a set of speakers. The source will be Spotify/Amazon Music HD from an Airport Express 2 (over AirPlay 2 using optical in).

Room size is 10m x 3m and the speakers will sit in the middle (on opposite walls along the 10m axis) so they can be turned to face either the lounge or the dining area.

I’m coming from having a NAD T743 and B&W 602 S3 which I sold when moving house - having no room for such chunky speakers and AV setup has been downsized and will be completely independent from my Sprout 100, music only setup. Found the B&Ws needed to be turned up too much to really love listening to them.

Budget wise I’m looking up to £1000 but they’d have to be damn good to make me part with the top end.

Speaker wise…too much bass can play havoc with my tinnitus so something that has well controlled bass is a must. Small-ish footprint is up there on the priority list, as is sounding good at lower levels (at night when girlfriend’s asleep directly above). Will consider floorstander and standmount speakers but leaning towards floorstander for manoeuvrability…and more money on speakers and less on stands etc just makes more sense to me. Tell me I’m wrong please:)

And music…EDM, rock, metal, classical, hip hop, pop…actually, pretty much everything gets played on our house!

Would love to hear what fellow Sprout 100 owners have had experience with and how they stack up against my requirements.

On the list to audition so far…

Dali Oberon 5
ELAC f5.2

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