Speaking of customer service-VH Audio

The SR Blue fuse took early retirement in my amp. It may have been my fault. I may have mistreated it one too many times.
So I ordered another fuse from Chris at VH Audio and I must say, he deserves a shout-out for his first rate service.
He, minutes later, emailed that the one I ordered are out of stock. Would it be ok for him to send me the much more expensive bee’s knees version for the same price as the lesser one?—uhh, sure.
Minutes later it shipped.
Loyal customer


I love buying from VH Audio, everything he sells is first rate. Anything over $100 is free shipping and he ships super fast.
I didn’t know he has the BeeWax Ultimate Premier fuses. That’s very nice of Chris. Boy, are you in for a treat. Bee’s knees is considerably better than the SR Orange that I try.
The stand out item I bought from Chris is the VCap capacitors for my speakers. Incredible sounding caps!! Then there are all those pure silver hook up wires, Furutech outlets, and Furutech outlet strips. I swear, theses outlet strips does improve the sound, for whatever they put in them.
Another Loyal customer.


I use the Furutech e-TP609 NCF and it’s a spectacular way to distribute quality power. I find the sound neutral and possibly somehow enhanced by the NCF treatments. Mild but positive effect.

I bought 2 matched pair of Copper VCaps from him.
They were all matched to within .01 %, amazing.


Chris is great to order from. I’ve bought wire and parts from him a few times. Always great service.

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