Spendor D7

Anyone own these? Am seriously considering replacing my stand mounted speakers with these. Have full PS Audio kit; BHK stereo amp and preamp, DMP and DSD. SACD, CD, NAS and streaming only, no vinyl. New listening room size 12’x27’ with 8’ ceilings. And please don’t ask what type of music!

Anyone that owns, or has owned I would appreciate sharing your experience. Or others who considered these and decided on something different. Thanks in advance.:pray:

I’m not sure how much help I’ll be but I have a friend/dealer that sells these. The D7s sound awesome and have a great mid range. At his place they sounded great but I lean toward Dynaudio and Focal. However that is just me. I would say the D7 holds its own with any comparable Dyn or Focal. I liked the Dyn Contour and Confidence better. But that’s with my room, ears and electronics. Also, I could not do a good A/B as all these speakers were 40 miles apart. If those D7s suit your tastes, go for it. Good luck!