Split xlr out of DS or use xlr out and rca out simultaneously

Hey folks, I am contemplating adding a MiniDSP SHD to my setup. I want to use it to actively bi amp and correct the room. However since it is a 2 in 4 out device I am wondering how to connect my sub. As I see it I have two options. 1) Split the XLR outs using a pair of these. These would feed two units. The MindDSP SHD to act as an active xo to my 2 way speakers and a MiniDSP 2 x 4 to serve my sub. Unfortunately my sub has only RCA input so I would need to add a pair of these to make the connection. The other option would be 2) Run straight xlr outs from the DS sr to the MiniDSP SHD and then use the RCA outs on the DS to feed the Minid dsp 2 x 4 for my sub. I am wondering which way you guys would go or if you think this is a silly idea and I should go with a different solution such as minidsp 4 x 10 and use phoenix to xlr adapters. The 4 x 10 does not use Dirac live though and I have read that is a good dsp solution. What do you guys think? If you have read this whole thing many thanks :heart_eyes:

Do you have any measurements on your room or do you know what problems you’ll be correcting?

Personally I would not be really inclined to DSP 20-20kHz. Converting the analog out from the DSD back to digital to get corrected and reconverted might end up doing more harm than good.

One of our folks here picked up a MiniDSP to correct their sub and they actually found they preferred the sound without it.

There are certainly rooms and systems where DSP is a boon, though it’s important to make sure you’re chasing down a problem DSP can solve first.

Hey Schroedster, That is interesting. I was under the impression that all rooms and systems could benefit from DSP. I am using a minidsp 2 x4 atm to biamp my Emerald Physics speakers and it sounds pretty good although I do get like a white noise type sound from the speakers when nothing is playing. I was hoping to move everything to a balanced configuration in order to hopefully get rid of it. That is why I am looking at the minidsp shd. Sound quality through the passive crossovers with mini dsp out of the system is better I must admit but that white noise sound is still present. I get some bite on the high end that I am hoping will be tamed through DSP. Maybe I will think about upgrading my xo’s. decisions decisions… EDIT I should add that my current mini dsp was configured by Emerald Physics based on my room dimensions.

I’d say all speakers benefit from not having peaks and troughs through their frequency response when placed in the room.

If you have a 6 dB bump or dip somewhere along the FR, that can be quite detrimental. Something like DSP can remove that. Speaker positioning and room treatment can also address it.

I generally prefer treating the room first, with DSP to cover situations that are too difficult or expensive to handle via treatment.

I’d say this is preference, though. There are probably plenty of folks out there who would disagree with me.

Emerald Physics needs something like a MiniDSP to work correctly, right? Or is the MiniDSP they include an add-on to improve performance?

You can either use the passive xo’s or take those out and use the minidsp as an active xo for single or bi amping. So no it will work fine without it and actually sounds pretty good with just the passive xo’s. In re to treatments this system is confined to my bedroom atm and there is not much I can do for treatments as there is just no room. have a window on the left side of room and a large dresser with mirror on the right side. I lisen fairly close to speakers (about 6 ft away) with the back wall about 2 ft behind my listening position which is an adjustable bed. I have thought about doing some diffusion behind the speakers as they are open baffle and are supposed to be dipole. Just have not been able to find a solution that I can implement that is easy and affordable. This is another reason for looking at dsp. Thanks for all your input I greatly appreciate it.

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Oh, that makes a lot more sense. treating bedrooms can be tricky.

When it comes to the DSP options, I’d go for the second option using RCA out from the DSD to the MiniDSP 2x4.

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