Splitting XLR signal from preamp to amps and powered subs

I am in the process of reconfiguring my system into a purpose-built music room and need to know the best was to do the following. I have a pair of REL S 510 subs (powered) and a pair of GoldenEar Triton II (powered internal subs) and will be running XLR cables (30’) from the BHK preamp to M700 amps. To get the signals to the REL subs I want to use an XLR splitter for each of the signal paths so as to divert the L and R signals to the subs as well as to the Tritons. I have done research and think that a line level passive splitter would work in this situation. If this is a good way to achieve my goal, any suggestions for a brand that would be appropriate in an all PS Audio system (Triton speakers may be temporary - Aspens being considered). Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


I have and use, from time to time, manufactured splitters for RCA connectors (Y adaptor), but I haven’t seen/used splitters for XLR cables. I have XLR cables going from my BHK Pre to M1200’s and RCA from the BHK Pre to SVS subs (yes, using both XLR and RCA outputs from the preamp at the same time). The RCA outputs are 6db quieter than the XLR and I still have a -16db setting on the SVS subs. I recently purchased a pair of the FR20’s and they are fantastic. Really fantastic.

Why not run the REL’s off of the high-level (speaker) connection?

Adifferentpaul and Colindshots, thanks for your responses. I will respond first to adifferentpaul. It seems that what you do by running RCA cables from the preamp to the subs is a good idea unless the distance between the two is significant. In my case it would require a cable length between 35 and 40 feet. I think this would be an invitation for noise to get into the signal with this type of cable. In my new music room under construction (22’ wide x 28" long x 16’ high), I think that I need to stay in the XLR category because of the cable lengths. The cables will be run through conduits under the concrete slab to hide them and this automatically increases their lengths. By the way, it is great to hear your evaluation of the FR20’s because they are what I am considering for the new room. I currently have the Triton II’s and REL’s in another room and will “temporarily” move them into the new room until I can afford the FR20’s. Construction costs today are so unbelievably high that my speaker money is currently swallowed up by the room cost.

Colindshots, can you explain exactly is involved in doing what you suggested? Can you tell me what kind of cable would be involved and if it would be wise to use it over the length that I have mentioned in the above paragraph? I know that the REL’s have a special type of connection using a Neutrik Speakon cable to the High Level Input on the speaker but need to know what the other end of the cable is like. Is it an RCA connector that could be plugged into the RCA outputs of the PS Audio BHK preamp? Also, would the cable be long enough for my situation and be immune to picking up noise?

Sorry for so many questions ,but unfortunately, I frequently have more questions in life that answers.

Again, thank both of you for your information


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Great to hear that your room is 22’ wide. My room is 17’-4" wide and allows me to put some distance between the speakers and really open up the soundstage. I have shorter interconnect runs, with 6.6 feet being the maximum, but then longer speaker cables at 11.5 feet.

Yes, you use the Neutrik Speakeron cable that should have came with your sub’s. Just google REL sub cable.

Are your amps with your speaker or are they also 30’ away? The high-level Neutrik cable runs off of your speaker cable terminals on either the amp or speaker binding post (which would make sense if your amp is 30’ away). So if the amps are close I would run the subs off of the amp and if they are far away you can connect the Neutrik cable to the terminals on your speaker.

Here are the instructions on how they will connect

But spend some time reading the manual or watching some of the setup vids from REL.

Colindshots, thanks for your feedback. My amps are at the other end of the room from the preamp so the distance is considerably less than 30’. I will certainly give some serious thought to your suggested way of connecting the subs.