Sprout 100 and ELAC system burn in?

Will I need or will i want to burn in the sprout 100 before use with the ELAC speakers?
Is their anything that i will want to do before serious listening with the system?
This is a new concept for me.

There isn’t a fundamental need to burn in the Sprout100 before hooking up the speakers. Get everything hooked up and playing and let it run for a number of hours. Electronics, speakers, and the lot will need a few days to settle in. Once they do, the sound will be a lot more open and should be pretty apparent. Don’t let this scare you though. The sound right out of the box is very good!

Consider removing the grills for serious listening, the plastic lattice beneath the grill fabric does the speaker’s sound quality no favors. On the plus side, it offers great protection from rambunctious dogs/cats/rug rats.

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Perfect thank you. Now all i have to do sit on the porch with a cup of coffee and wait for FED EX.
This is my little reward to myself for 3 months of constant overtime.


I own this combo and it only gets better with time. On a daily basis I am amazed by what I hear. Just so darn enjoyable.

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The speakers will change far more than the Sprout. When not enjoying the system you might consider flipping the phase on one of the speakers (swap red for black) and place them face to face, not touching but as close as practical and let the system play.

With the speakers out of phase with one another most of the sound will be canceled but the crossovers and drivers will continue getting the same workout. Playing a mono pink noise signal is ideal.

I’ve done this for years to expedite any break-in, in the garage with a heavy blanket over them so nothing is heard. A few days around the clock will do just fine.