Sprout 100 as a preamp?

As I related over in https://forum.psaudio.com/t/loving-my-sprout-100/23166, I’m really enjoying my Sprout 100. I mean, really enjoying it.

However it is, as has been said, a great gateway drug to ever better sound, and as wonderful as it sounds, I can’t help thinking about getting a little more power.

I’m mainly focusing right now on upstream improvements, but I was wondering if the Sprout 100 would make a good pre-amp for a more powerful amp (M700s, Benchmark AHB2, ADG Audions, etc.)?

I’m hoping that, being relatively simple (I only use the analog input, connected to my Qutest, which is spectacular), it might be close to a straight wire with gain…?

It’s probably just overkill; I can’t imagine it sounding much better in my room than it does right now (but we know it can always sound better, right?!?).

Thanks for all thoughts/opinions.

The Sprout100 can actually work quite well as a preamp. We ran a little experience a few years back at the office and hooked up an S300 to the Sprout’s output and all of us were pretty surprised by the improvement. We listened to a solo piano piece and the nuances of the piano came through a lot more clearly. This would only be further improved if we hooked up the M700s.

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Thanks @jamesh, my cunning (to me, anyway) plan is to upgrade this system, then split off pieces to a bedroom system and have a rip-roaring larger room system, when all is said and done.

I have to say, the Sprout 100 seems to be doing its job wonderfully.

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