Sprout question?

Question about the sprout 100. Just got a pair of ELAC DFR52 floor standing speakers for nearly half price. I know Paul has the combo with the ELAC DB52 that are 6ohm120 watts DB86. the DFR52’S are basically the same but rated 140 watts DB87. Wondering if the Sprout 100 would be enough to power these speakers or would I be better off getting a more powerful amp.

I suppose it depends on your budget and appetite for used gear.

If you bought a new 100 from PSA, you could always return it.

See my response over on the “sprout&ELAC combo” thread. Looks like Sprout100 works just fine with DFRs.

Yes I seen your response. One thing I will say Paul knows his stuff. Watching lots of review videos and reading forums the last week or so I have seen next to nothing bad said about Paul’s products. lower prices would be nice but I understand there are only so many corners you can cut before sound quality gets effected

I wait for their periodic sales. Have picked up my M700s, BHK Pre, PST and Stellar Strata that way. But spending some time in set up adjustment is really a no cost sound enhancer. Paul’s guides are one source but there are others.

sorry to keep adding layers to my questions. looking at where my serup will be placed I have no option to have the sprout near my speakers as I’m to understand phono cables need to be short. my only options are running 10+ foot speaker cables across my living room or have a phono stage between the turntable and amp to lower the cable length all around for a cleaner looking set up. The Stellar phono stage is not in my price range but any recommendations on a phono stage at least as good as the one in the sprout that will not break the bank.

10’ speaker cables should not be a problem.

Also I love my iFi zen phono. Really outperforms it’s $200 price. But can I ask why would you need a phono stage? Doesn’t the sprout have one?

it does. In my setup I have no option but to put the turntable off to the side of the speakers which would mean either a stand along phone stage with a 6 foot interconnect or 10+ foot speaker cables. Instead of having one speaker(turntable side) having lots of extra speaker cable all over the place I think shorter speaker cables with one interconnect would look neater. if this was a music only room I would have no issues with extra cable all over but being the living room i need to keep it neat.

Oh believe me I understand! I reread your question about cable length and I think I understand you’re situation now. I don’t think a 6’ or 2 meter cable between your turntable and sprout will be too long, anything longer I might avoid. Also I don’t know of this crossed your mind, but when you’re position everything you’re going to want some distance, a few feet, between your speakers and turntable to avoid any feedback or distortion. In lieu of that setting the turntable in between but slightly behind the speakers will also work.

Depending on what you do for your speaker cables you can always dress them up with some braided cable sleeve. When I built my diy Transparent cables I knew that the white vinyl was going to be distracting so I pulled them through some black braided cable sleeve and they have all but disappeared. Also think they look really good now too. It was a fun easy project. You can get cable sleeve on Amazon for pennies a foot, really worthwhile investment.

My tv will be between the speakers on a tv stand but might just have enough room behind that to put the turntable if I put the speakers another few feet away from the wall

My goto cheap speaker cable is 10’ 12ga Media Bridge. I’ve never had any issues with them connecting my 60w Ragnarok and 83dB Salks. That alone should tell you how sensitive my ears are.