Help me choose please. sprout100 or A-S801

I just got a sprout 100 from eBay after being hooked by Paul’s YouTube videos.
currently using it for my Elac uni-fi ub52 and Sundara on my desktop.

I have a pair of Yamaha ns-777 tower (and an old Rx-v2600 receiver) that I want to put to use in the living room for Apple TV. !!! I am having a hard time deciding whether to get a used A-S801 from Facebook for mid 500$ or ordering one more sprout100 from PS audio.

Is Sprout100 better than A-S801 Sound wise for vinyl and Apple Music lossless thru usb?

I have had a A-S801 for almost 4 years. I haven’t had any trouble with it at all. Great, clean power and neutral sound. I tried to upgrade to a Yamaha A-S2200, but after a few weeks I sent it back. In my system, the A-S801 is more dynamic, lighter on its feet, more neutral, has sharper images, better PRAT and better clarity than the A-S2200.

The A-S801 is an incredible bargain and a wonderful amplifier.

thank you for your insight.
I can’t believe that a-s2200 would be not as good as a-s801 given the price jump.
I am new to sound units. sprout in my first music dedicated unit, so my expectation is the performance of a unit would always be reflected on the price.

that is why I can’t make up my mind on sprout 100 and as801. my logic is telling me that as801 would produce a better sound based on that sprout is much smaller and that means a significant portion of the price goes to the form factor instead of sound quality.

I am wishing Paul will reply to my thread and tell me I am wrong, I am a fanboy now lol

What’s your thoughts about the Sprout?

Have you considered hooking up the Sprout to the Yamaha ns-777 towers for a few days?

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I did not do it for a few days. Only couple hours.
I am new to this world, so I don’t know how to describe it.
Compare to the Elac. Vocal sounded more round/full on Elac. Soundstage pretty much the same. Bass is a tad more on the Yamaha.

Not much different I could be able to tell. If they are no side by side for me to a/b them,I would not be able to tell the different.

With the Sprout if you decided in the future that you wanted more power or a different sound, you could use the Sprout as a Preamp and add an amp.