A New Owner Of The Sprout 100

Happy to share anther great PS Audio product, the Sprout 100 :slight_smile: next to the Stellar phono.


The Sprout has tempted me more than once. Since it has a phono stage I am curious what the Stellar pre is plugged into.

The PS Audio Sprout100 is hands down the best integrated amp in its price range and well above. I will never be without one, everyone should have at least one IMO. Countless uses for the little powerhouse. As far as the phono pre-amp, I’m sure he has it plugged into the Analog input. The phono pre-amp in the Sprout is no slouch though.

As of now I don’t have the stellar working through the analog input of the sprout 100. I use the sprout 100 to listen playback music from my computer.

Congrats on the purchase! I just got mine a few weeks ago and use it on my desktop.

thank you :slight_smile: I love how it sounds