Sprout: A question about white noise

I have read so many topics related to this on forums… in any case, I’ll try here.

I have the PS100 Sprout. It works great. I love it. I have a Rega 2, new TEAC CD Player and a nice new pair of Human loudspeakers connected to it. I am using that $279 Audioquest power cable recommended on the PS site and I have some decent quality Cardas speaker wire.

Nothing has changed over the past several months in this set up - I have not moved the set up nor have I introduced and new electronic components near the system.

Just a few weeks ago, I started hearing white noise… coming out of my speakers only when I have the Sprout switched on to Phono/Vinyl. It doesn’t bleed through when music is playing.

I disconnected the Rega 2 and the noise was still there.
I tried connecting and disconnecting everything in every combo and it didn’t stop.

I suppose if it was there from day one, I wouldn’t have cared, but because it just started for an unknown reason, I am concerned.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, G

The phono stage of Sprout, like many phono stages, has a bit of white noise especially when turned up in volume. That’s normal given the amount of gain in the circuit.

Thanks… As long as it’s nothing harmful I am good. Very happy with the sound and set up…