Should I put A from amp into speakers and B into sub, or A into sub and sub output into speakers?

Was womdering which is better or does it matter. I have a cheap lepai amp with A and B speaker wire outs. I have a Sony SACS9 10-Inch Active Subwoofer in the mail. I was watching paul on youtube and he said sub needs a high level input. What is it and does the sub I ordered have it?


My speakers are 2 elac debut b4s

Im using a focusrite itrack solo as a DAC

Mostly streaming on deezers hi-fi service 16bit 44hz FLAC

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, this sub has high level inputs. They are the strip of black and red speaker spring terminals on its rear. I would work on replacing that Lepai amp when you can. It’s the one show stopper in your system, but I am glad you’re getting a subwoofer.

Thanks Paul, love your youtube videos! Its amazing how much more I enjoy music already with my new setup.

Is there any way you could recommend an amp for me. $150 would be my current max, but under $100 would be better. The itrack has RCA outs and a 1/4 inch out for headphones but the RCAs seem to sound better. If you need more info about my setup let me know :slight_smile:

I must say I was a bit nervous typing this! I have never talked to a youtube star before lol.

Thanks Paul,

Hey Cody. I would go with a receiver like this one:

That’s only 50 watts a channel but might be enough for you. You can poke around on Amazon. You might up your game a bit. Stick with Yamaha or Sony.

Thanks Paul :slight_smile:

Hey Paul, I submitted an “ask Paul” about this, so maybe you will choose it for a video.

I own a Sprout and 3 subs - a Definitive Tech ProSub 800 and two Earthquake Sub80s. My current speakers are NEAR M10s and PSB Amazing Alphas, which I switch out pretty regularly.

Both the DT and the EQs have high level ins and outs.

I am currently driving the DT via the 1/8 out on the sprout.

Can I connect the system like this? High level out on Sprout to high level in on the sub (any), then high level out on the sub to the speakers. I’ve done it this way with Decware Zens and an old (but good) Denon PMA-75 Amp. But they are not Class D as is the Sprout.

FWIW, I am keenly interested in buying a Sprout100; seems to be a nice upgrade. Also, I have always gone really cheap on speakers. No more. My budget is limited so I am planning to upgrade to either KEF LS-50, KEF Q350, or one of the ELACs. I’m determined to keep it to 1k or less, unless I skip a few lunches and spring for the LS-50s.

Thanks Paul or anybody else who weighs in.

If I understand correctly I think the answer is yes. The high level in on most subs is a high impedance input designed for speaker output level signals. If what you want to do is daisy chain Sprout100’s output first to the sub then continuing on to the speaker, this is exactly what we had intended.

Thanks Paul! I enjoy your daily emails, videos, and occasionally “Ohm’s Law”.
My daughter lives in Denver, so next time I travel to see her I plan a day trip to Boulder to visit Music Room One. I’ve already picked the music I plan to bring with me.

Please do come by!