Sprout and vintage speakers

I am not new to sprout, I have it for almost 2 years. I used it as a second amp in our apartment in the city. It was well,ok, mainly through my MacBook and Tidal and audirvana lately, whic is great. Some Bluetooth through my iPad. Some high resolution that I downloaded But honestly maybe my age is a factor but I don’t notice the different form Tidal. The new Master sounds great and brings back my old tunes. It was connected to a q acoustic 3020 , this pair has great reviews and it was ok but When it was connected to my basic Yamaha av reciever there was not much of the different that I feel like it should. Then, call it the 60 year crises I bought the original. Celestion Sl6 which I owned 30 years ago. After the ebay payment I started to reed in stereo sights and all say, wow good but need power and plenty. I started to worry. At that time it was connected to a QUAD 606 . It arrived and my friends now I can appreciate the little sprout. It’s amazing it’s like my old tunes came back like I am in the nineties analog and emotional. This little modern jam connected to a great speaker from a great period makes the different I was expecting. Finally I really enjoy the sprout. Yes the volume is more then half but anyway it’s a studio and it was never meant to use it in a dancing floor . The lows and highs are correct all very equilibrate and harmonic.

Love it