I gonna try the Sprout :)


I am selling my Rega Integrated and some other units I hope I sell them this week to get some cash back to order the Sprout because my new friend Ulices recommended and he said that the Sprout is the “Future” so I will try with my eyes close, here in Puerto Rico is no way to get the Sprout I will order on Music Direct or Audioadvisor if the get it, I count every day to get my Sprout I hope I sell my Stuff to get the cash back for the Sprout because $799.00 is hard for me, I know I will get it soon :)




Good luck KS. I got one for my wife and she likes it very much. It’s driving an old pair of Thiel 1.5 speakers. Main source is a Squeeze Box Touch (modified to handle up to 192/24 files). Sounds great, looks great, runs cool and takes up a lot less space than what it replaced.