Sprout Bluetooth Volume control problem

I have a new problem adjusting the volume via a bluetooth connection which was not present before.
I connected to the Sprout via Bluetooth from my Laptop, Android Phone, iPad and adjusting the volume worked flawlessly.
When I got my TV LG OLED65B7V and connected to the Sprout via bluetooth, I can’t adjust the volume from the TV. Connecting my Sennheiser bluetooth speakers have no such problems and work flawlessly - allowing to set the volume both from the headphones and the TV.
When I try to adjust the volume from the TV when the Sprout is connected via BT I get some beeps and if I take it low enough it gets muted or on - there is no adjusted level.
Now there’s a new problem - I now get the same issue from my laptop! When I try to adjust the volume from the laptop, I hear those beeps and the volume stays the same or at some point turns off completely.
In the meantime, the iPad volume adjustment works flawlessly with the Sprout BT connection.
Do you have any idea why this happens? Any advice is welcomed.
Thank you!

This is a new one on me. Never heard this one and seems if it has changed permanently there’s something weird going on. Have you rebooted Sprout (power cycled it from the rear switch). Can you try that and let us know? Otherwise might make sense to contact our service department.

The LG TV’s do not connect correctly to some BT devices. They connect correctly to Sennheiser speakers, as you’ve found. The fact it’s not connecting to Sprout (or your laptop) correctly does not necessarily indicate a problem with your Sprout. LG do not warrant that this TV will connect with all BT devices. I suspect, unfortunately you’re just going to have to wear the incompatibility, or connect Sprout to the LG via optical instead.

I also have a Sprout Volume control issue that I have reported 3 times before in the last 7 days, and have not even received acknowledgement from the PS Audio that the problem exists. The right channel of the Volume control is open circuited at the lowest 2 vol settings, and if the volume control is increased rapidly a huge noise spike occurs in the right speaker, but then both channels are working at the higher volume levels. However, changing volumes rapidly in either direction yield the high noise spike even when there is no inputs connected. This is on an original purchase # 31 Sprout signed on the bottom. I suggested a trade for a Sprout 100 but have received no response from any of my queries to repair or trade this unusable Sprout.

Have you called PS Audio support? I am certain they will help you sort this out.

I explained my preference for email contact because of frequent Doctor’s visits. I am an outpatient with a medical condition, and the hospitals don’t allow cell phone use during medical appointments. I just returned from one today, and this is 2 or three times every week for a year now. I also have several PS Audio devices that are not performing optimally (a P10, a phono preamp, an earlier power plant, and a dectet) that are no longer in service because they shut down almost weekly even though the Shunyata that replaced the P10 and the Parasound Jr phono preamp have no such problems. PS Audio will only give $3,000 toward the P20 even if I gave all that stuff back to them that no longer works properly. Stefinnell

Call when you are not at a hospital. If you need to leave a message, tell them when they can reach you.

Paul and/or service people may see your posts as well.

I am sorry to hear about your problems and I hope things work out for you. Doctor’s are no fun. I wish you the best. I am not sure where you get your figures. We will give you $4,000 for your P10—$1,000 less than it’s new cost—not $3,000. If it has a problem we’re happy to help you get it repaired if that’s your preference.

The Shunyata’s a passive box and no, of course it doesn’t shut down. Let me know how I can help with any of this and I will personally make sure you’re taken care of.

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How have you reported this? You called customer service and got put off? That surely doesn’t sound like us and if it happened you have my apology. Please let me know.

Yes, and there’s also email. support@psaudio.com

Thanks, Paul!

Hello stefinnell,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this and sorry to hear that you are having this issue.
First let me say that I am appalled that no one has gotten back to you about this.
We nave a very strict policy of returning customer issues within 24 hours of first receiving them.
I am looking into this so that it does not happen again.

From what you describe regarding the Sprout I can recommend that you have the volume knob serviced as it certainly should not be creating noises like this.

Please reach out to us at service@psaudio.com or give us a call at 1-800-PSAUDIO and we will get that taken care of right away.
If a trade in is what you are interested in we can discuss that as well in more detail when we speak directly.

Thanks, and again, apologies for this inconvenience,

  • Jeremy


My immediate problem is my attempt to contact about a Sprout malfunction that is several months old but I finally reported twice last Friday, May 4th, and again Wednesday morning, May 9th, about the Sprout right channel volume being open (no signal on the lowest 2 volumes, and turning the vol control gave an abnormally loud noise spike to my Goldenears Aeon 3 right channel speaker, so loud and so frequent I had to shut down and disconnect the Sprout from My iMac (latest generation). Input was via USB 2.0 Audio with a Cardas USB cable.Even disconnecting all inputs disconnecting the power chord and switching the unit off, then back on the next day, the problem persisted even without the USB hook up. Speaker cables were well insulated 12 gauge 3’ cables. I volunteered that instead of repairing the unit I just send it back in and getting the new Sprout 100 to replace it, with a yet to be negotiated price renumeration for the difference. The Sprout is # 31 of 100 of the originally purchases and signed by Scott in gold on the bottom. What irked me was I did not even get acknowledged of even sent the failure notifications in even though they were sent in on your on website for request for service, and my computer said they were sent in. That is why I went to the Sprout feedback and Ask Paul forum today (Friday) to get someone’s attention, as the Customer is not even acknowledged for a week for a failure of a device that had not been used very much until a couple of months ago, then it fails.

The Dectet and P10 are something totally different. I don’t know if it is the power from PG&E in Northern California or what, but the Dectet would shut down and blink about once per week on the non dedicated and P10 controlled circuit, and we don’t have thunder and lightning storms in northern California. And on the dedicated line the P10 would shut down about twice per month, sometimes because of brownouts (about 3 per year) and other times I don’t know. My Dectet was replaced by a Pangea Octet Premier power distribution box which has not shut down a single time. The Shunyati Denali replaced the P10 and it has only tripped off twice during brownouts.

I just input the P10 on your own website, and it STILL SAYS $3,000.00, not $4,000 for a trade in for the P20, not $4,000.00

I have been a long time audiophile for almost as long as you, but I have drank a bit of different Kool Aid. Back during the beginning days of The Absolute Sound (TAS and Harry Pearson)) and Stereophile (J Gordon Holt). I was frequenting the audio shows and followed Wilson Audio (when it was in Northern California) and Magnepan, Infinity, and a few others. I saw and heard the big Infinity’s play Dark Side of the Moon, and I thought it sounded great, but too much boom in the Bass. I couldn’t afford the Infinitis or the Magneplaners at the time, but went from Dahlquist DQ 10s (the original cheap boxless) through some others to the Apogee mini Grands. I still have those Apogees in my bedroom, although they had to be rebuilt because of poor original manufacturing. I mentioned to a Maggie dealer in New Orleans about the big Infiniti bass, and through TAS premise of Live unamplified sound they showed the Magnepansound is the Truer boxless sound and the roominess is artificial. When you had the Magnepan 20.6’s I had gone to the Maggie 3.7s, still loving the boxes sound. My 3.7’s are now my side speakers and I have the Maggie 20.7s for the front speakers. For home theater I have a pair of SVS subs but the 20.7s are full range (no subs) for stereo mode (stereo preamp your BHK preamp and BHK 250 stereo amp. BTW, you mentioned in your Ask Paul post that states your 300 mono blocks are much better than the 250 stereo. Are you sure? I can replace the BHK 250s with a pair of Parasound JC-1 monos as another JC-1 is powering the magnepan center channel in home theater mode now. I find thru the Maggies the Parasound JC series and the PS Audio sound very much the same. I abhor both Class D and Class H amps my Maggies. I have 3 Emotiva Reference mono blocks and a 5 channel ATI 7005 (all at over 100 pounds each) that sound awful on my Magnepan speakers (and are collecting dust in the closet). I am also surprised that you have a Marantz in your home theater at home, because I have 2 Pieces of Marantz gear that the ruined 2 Krell 120M mono amps (fried their input stages) and a Marantz receiver that trashed an Infiniti powered woofer speaker in an upstairs master suite. Marantz refused to repair because they had already repaired them and sold them as refurbished, and they used the Euro balanced connection standard were the positive and negative pins are reversed from the American balanced standard.

On a different and more personal note, even though I’m a northern Californian now, I was in the Marriot Boulder, Colorado 13 years ago this week. Is that really close to you? Apparently on a Wednesday near 5 PM I got violently ill, and my next memory was 3 weeks later being transferred from a Kaiser hospital in Redwood City, Ca to a rehabilitation facility in Vallejo, Ca. In Boulder I was auditing Ball Aerospace and finding serious problems in their subcontract performance. Apparently I tried to toughen it out and didn’t go to the Doctor (Kaiser) until several days later, and then Kaiser misdiagnosed me with food poisoning (in Boulder?). It wasn’t food poisoning as I was told to go see a neurologist the following Tuesday. One MRI later I was put into an ambulance and rushed to Kaiser Redwood City as the MRI showed a bleeding Brain Aneurism (which had bled for 8 days before they opened up my skull for an 8.5 hour surgery). Apparently during the surgery I had a massive stroke that didn’t get caught until the next morning. I woke up nearly comatose and my family was sent to see me and was told I only had 6 to 8 weeks to live, and would never walk again. Apparently I was singing in the ambulance to the hospital the Monty Python and the Holy Grail skit Bring Out Your Dead (I’m not dead yet, I feel like dancing). My Sister got control of my bank account, wiped out all my money, cancelled my credit cards except one that she was living off off, and tried to sell both my cars. Meanwhile, I was fighting with my doctors and Nurses (I’m Not Dead Yet) and swore that not only would I live, but I would walk again (arguing that I wanted to get out of my wheel chair on the Driver’s side, not the Passenger side, and I would return to work instead of die. Well, 13 years later I’m still alive, I can walk (with a severe limp, but can’t even try to jog) and I lied about disability and got back on to Lockheed Martin (for 3 more years until Obamma cancelled the program and Lockheed Martin had a major layoff (including me) and moved almost all their programs to Denver. Lockheed in Sunnyvale is only 1% the size of what it was in 1980, but Denver has gotten almost all the Sunnyvale programs. I am forbidden to fly because of the aneurysm and stroke, and the family that stole all of my money is all dead, so I cannot buy the new Maggie 30.whatevers or any Infinitys. But, I have a lot of late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s records, and most of my albums are on cds, and although I had several problems with your earlier DACs and CD transports I have and thoroughly love your latest DSD and memory player. Now one time I sent the memory player back in because of the greyed out screen and you did not find a problem with it, but the problem recurred. I saw that it happened to someone else. What fixed mine the second timed is I ejected the firmware update cart turned the unit off for > 20 minutes, turned on and rebooted the system without the update card, then did the shut down unplug reboot update with latest firmware inserted, and everything returned to normal. When I queried before the original failure I was told over the phone to leave the firmware card inserted. Brownouts showed the firmware card for the reader at least should NOT be left inserted, because that would confuse the operating system to boot off the firmware card or in the memory, even though its the same system. By the way, I have the original US released Uriah Heep Albums, and the original See American album had the gray drawing cover and just called Uriah Heep. The CD and your version was the British not the American version. I have a lot of Deep Purple, Humble Pie, Frank Zappa (my favorite), ELP, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Jeff Beck etc, but before Disco took over I went to Jazz Fusion with Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea and Return to Forever, Al Di Meola (and still Jeff Beck) as my moss pinned artists.

I’m sorry that this took so long to write; I’m a 3 finger typist as my right hand is still partially paralyzed (remind me of the old joke on the physics departments bathroom wall: I’ve give my right hand to be ambidextrous. I was right handed, and paralysis I had to give up my right hand.

So, Bottom line, what should be done with the Sprout or getting the Sprout 100? And can I get $4,000 instead of $3,000 off the $9,999.00 off the P20 with you getting the P10 back? And in your honest opinion, with a system of a Krell Foundation pre/pro, BHK stereo pre, BHK 250 stereo amp, Parasond JC-1 Mono, Parasound Halo A21 (powering Maggie 3.7 sides), and the PS Audio DSD and Memory player, OPPO 205 Blu ray player, Pioneer Elite 60” Plasma (going 4K next year), VPI Prime turntable and Parasound JC-3 Jr phono pre would 1 P20, or 2 P15s be more adequate and is the P10 on a dedicated outlet and a dectet on a different (nondedicated) truly overmatched and prone to tripping off?

BTW, My most loved and wanted speaker in the 80’s was the Wilson Maxx, just a factor of 10X too expensive though, not 50X as some others. I’m always a best bang for the buck, not the best but most expensive. And as an ex NASA and Lockheed Martin retired on permanent disability requires handling ALL electronics with a wrist strap required, even with a specially treated ESD prevention surface. We’ve required on deep space missions aluminum floors with all corners grounded to EARTH in addition to wrist straps, and I’ve had to throw away modules where an engineer was removing a module from a thermal vac chamber (in Arizona in the hot summer) when his wrist strap snapped off when he turned to face me. I was the Customer and he had to rebuild and re test the new module on his dime as I refused to buy something that couldn’t be flown back to repair from space. Yes I’ve always been Obsessive compulsive.

Steve Finnell

Steve. Thank you for sharing. Wow. What a journey. I am thankful you’re getting the help you need. Certainly, when you can, reach out to us on Sprout so we can help. Email is fine if the phones are tough.

Yes, you can have $4,000 for your P10 on a P20. And yes, If it were me, I’d go 1 P20 over two P15 unless dividing them up helps from a position and placement aspect. But if your system’s all right there, go P20.

I am concerned you don’t see the P10 trade up option. Maybe we’ve done a poor job of making that clear how to specifically trade in a P10 towards a P20. The standard trade value of any product is $3K towards a P20. However, if you specifically want to trade in a P10, we’re offering more. There’s a radio button specific to the P10. Here’s a picture. Is this what you’re seeing? Is there a way we could make this easier?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the info. Shortly after my last email to yo yesterday the pop up window did appear showing the P10 trade in value to be $4,000.00. Prior to that, I had never seen that radio button, and a few weeks ago I had queried specifically and was told at that time it was 30% trade in, or $3,000.00. It looks like I probably will do that within next week, but I want to get the Sprout anomaly behind me first. Instead of going piecemeal about this, I would probably rather take care of things in 1 fell swoop. First, the current Sprout is sitting underneath the left side of a 2017 27” iMac and getting its audio on the digital input from the iMac with a Cardas USB 2.0 audio cable. Is the Sprout and Sprout 100 shielded adequately to place it there? Moving it further would require a longer USB cable. Two reason s for asking that is your Ask Paul briefing on computer noise generating lots of hash into audio power supplies, and I removed a Peachtree integrated DAC/speaker system from the right side of my iMac because of a severe hum that went away when no computer was around. The iMac system and Sprout are in different rooms than any PS audio or other filtration devices, and the stereos and home theater systems and regenerators are on the other side of the house. So is a Sprout/Sprout 100 ok in an office environment with no regenerators/noise filters available? Second question. How much is the Sprout 100 going to sell for, and how much will I have to pay to trade in this # 31 of 100 signed Sprout to obtain the Sprout 100, if its going to be safe to use around a computer? There was a video of Scott running a dedicated power line to his Sprout 100 (in black)made available to view yesterday, but the Sprout 100 is not on your website yet for sale, so when is it going to be sold?

A separate question that might be investigated in the next several months is about the BHK amps. I have the BHK Stereo 250 and I really like it, and enjoy is about the same as a pair of Parasound JC 1s (I asked this the previous email). Are you saying that the BHK 300 mono blocks sound substantially superior to the BHK Stereo 250 (again referring to driving the Magnepan 20.7s without subs in stereo and with SVS subs crossed over at 45 hz in home theater surround mode)? If so, what would I get as a trade of the Stereo 250 for a pair of mono block 300s? A separates question is: what are the “efficiencies) of the P 10 and P 20 (how much energy do they use to generate the power to feed everything else)? Earliest power plants were less than 50% when generating sine waves, but I expect other filtering systems are 85% or better, but since you are regenerating instead of filtering I’m not sure what your numbers are, but I suspect that my P 10 was tripping off because it was using more energy than the Shunyata filtering system, and even though I was on a dedicated line I was stepping too close to the 15 amp line during turn on of all of the power amps. We will be moving to a new house in about 8 months and my devecated line(s) will be 20 amp with 10 gauge Romex. (I paid extra for a dedicated line in the current houseboat subsequent to that some water softener company “T’ed” off the dedicated line for a water heater and filtration system, and when I found this out he filed bankruptcy and went out of business). I just received my cd of Uriah Heep”s Salisbury and Magicians birthday, both of which are replacing scratched up 40+ year old vinyl. Most of these “remastered” cds have new material not on the original vinyl.

Look forward to hearing from you again. Since you have been talking hard classic rock, do you have anything special to say about Spooky Tooth? I love Evil Woman, and who couldn’t remember the old Blues song “I am the Walrus” (coo coo ka choo).

Steve Finnell

Thanks, Steve. Glad things are working a little again. I would think the Sprout would be alright there. Ours is within inches and no problem, but you’ll just have to see. I believe most Sprouts work great without regenerators. The cost/benefit equation just doesn’t work well enough to need a regenerator on that $600 box. Sprout100 will be available for sale next week.

Scott’s video is in preparation for accepting an entire new BHK system, btw. Yes, he has Sprout100 now, but not for long.

The BHK 300 monoblocks are considerably better sounding than the 250 and I think most owners on these forums would agree with me on that. You can get $4,500 back on your 250 towards the purchase of a pair of monoblocks last I checked.

Power Plants are about 85% efficient but they can consume great deals of instantaneous current when its called for, meaning that they can trip circuit breakers on occasion. It’s one reason we have the soft start outlets on them so on turn on a heavy power draw amp won’t trip the home’s circuit breaker as the regenerator is trying to power it up.

I do remember Spooky Tooth but never more than as a DJ playing them on the radio.

Hi Paul! I have kept the Sprout unplugged for 24h, but the problem persists. I doubt there’s a hardware problem with the Sprout itself, I think it’s a setting from the computer regarding the BT communication protocol variables/settings. I hoped that someone ran into a similar problem or understands where the fault is.

Hi Brodic, I could live with the TV not working properly with the Sprout, but I sure can’t do the same with my laptop - especially since it used to work just fine for a few years!
There was a similar problem with a Samsung TV which apparently has a setting that the LG TV does not:

I have a SAMSUNG 4K MODEL UN65NU8000 TV. To control the volume on your AIRPODS do the following:

  1. Settings/Expert
  2. General Expert Settings
  3. Accessibility
  4. Multi-Output Audio: Set to OFF
  5. EXIT
    Now your volume will be controlled by the remote Control for your EarPods.