Sprout DAC bypass

Ok this may be a silly question but I just bought a Geshelli Labs J2 DAC for my den desktop system (PSA Sprout 100, Martin Logan 35XT speakers). I want to replace the Sprout DAC with the Geshelli. If I connect the Geshelli to the RCA analog inputs…that will bypass the Sprout DAC yes?

Yes, that will work but only bypassing the DAC in sorts. Because the volume control in the Sprout100 is digital, you can’t entirely bypass it, but you will be able to hear the difference in the Geshelli’s signature.

Cool, thanks James. I’m probably going to move my SGCD to this system eventually, just need to find a good deal on an amp to go with it.
I do like the amp section of the Sprout tho…esp for class D.

I like it a lot too. Killer sound with a full bottom end and nice sparkle at the top.

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