Sprout100 v2 died, need help to revive it

My absolutely best amp Sprout100 v2 suddenly died running at a low volume. I saw a blue flash or spark inside a second before the automatic fuse shut the house power off. The amp is around 1 year old, S/N is SP2-A-8C0627

I’m an electronic engineer and most likely (i hope) it’s only the switching supply fail. Didn’t try to open it yet. Any ideas how to proceed? Yep, I tried to contact PS AUDIO support team, no reply so far, I’m just trying to find the fastest solution. I have a lab and all kinds of tools and instruments to replace PCB, components, do measurements and tests.

When did you send the support team an email? Unless it’s the weekend or the email was sent to the junk box, they normally reply within 1-2 days. tjt@psaudio.com is also a good email address to get help as well.

Hi! About 2-3 days ago. Had two email from different acc to make sure at least one passes spam filter. Thanks for info, Jamesh, I will try this new em if nothing happens till Tue. Will try not to open it till then. Hard to resist :slight_smile: