Sprout not working after connecting an external amp

I’ve been using a Sprout100 as a dac for over 2years, sound fantastic. And I upgraded to a Chord Quest and use the Sprout as a volume control, sound even better.

Recently I bought a beyerdynamic A20 headphone amp to pair with my DT880/600ohm, as the A20 has a rca pass through, and the rca output dosen’t defeat even when headphones were plugged, so I chain the components like this, I thought I can just mute the sprout when I using the A20.


After connecting all components and turn on the power, I heard several loud crackle sound, and the Sprout never turn on again.

Have I done something wrong? Or just bad luck?

So - you are just using the line in and line out of the Sprout, and running the line out to another power amp? Or is the Sprout still powering your speakers?

Dac>Headphone amp RCA pass through > sprout line out>poweramp

Still not clear to me - you’re listing only outputs except to (hopefully) the power amp.

Were the following the only connections to the Sprout at the time it quit: Line in from the HP amp’s passthrough and the Sprout’s line out to an external power amp’s line ins? No other connections to the sprout?

The speakers were connected to the external poweramp, the sprout act as volume control only.

And the sprout was connected to a turntable as well, but the source of the sprout was set to analog, and I didn’t touch the phono connectors.

Perhaps give a call to PS customer service, and they can talk you through it.

A slightly confusing setup but I think I understand it. Given the circumstances, I don’t think you’re using it in an improper way. I could certainly be bad luck and possibly popped the fuse. Of course, double check your power connection and everything. But certainly shoot our service team an email. service@psaudio.com

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