Sprout not working anymore - What now?

Hi Guys,

I have been a satisfied PS Audio customer for quite some time. For my small stereo system in my office I have been using a Sprout Amp for several years now. Unfortunately it basically stopped working about two weeks ago. Whenever I turn it on it starts playing music for about 2 seconds, then stops. This loop continues, so the amp is basically unusable. I tried different source components and speakers, so I am fairly certain it is the amp. Is this a known problem? Any way to fix it? I also wrote to the PS Audio customer Service about a week ago, but I have not heard back.

Thank you guys in advance!

Welcome, @Hennes !

I do not recall this coming up before, but there are others here with much better memories than my own. A frustrating problem, certainly.

I suggest giving PS Audio a call Monday.