Sprout 100 No analog output

I got the Sprout 100 back in December, but this weekend was the first time I tried to use its analog output to connect to another equipment. I haven’t been able to get any signal out no matter what input I select. I already tried with two different RCA cables.
Apparently the analog out my Sprout is not working.
Any help will be appreciated.

Sorry to hear about the issues with that Sprout 100! I’d be happy to help.
A few steps to check would be:

  1. Make sure headphones are not connected to the Sprout
  2. Confirm the target amp is powered on
  3. Double check that you’re plugging in to the correct RCA pair on the back of the Sprout (I do this one all the time!)
    If none of those worked, contact us at service@psaudio.com and we can bring it in to take a look and see what’s going on there.
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Hello. Thanks for answering. And yes, it was the headphones.
It never occurred to me to unplug the headphones, as the Sprout manual says:

The connector labeled “Out” located under “Analog” on the rear panel is a buffered stereo-line output. This is a variable line level, full audio stereo output. Whatever you are listening to on Sprout100 will be available on this output.

Thank you very much.

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Glad that did the trick. Yes, that quote is a little confusing in the manual. The headphones will mute both the analog out and speaker out as well.